The annual report shows strong finances

The annual report for 2021 is now ready. Read it and keep up to date on the exciting developments, where the BCC Federation is preparing for the future.

When the declaration of incorporation, with our Constitution and bylaws, was signed In 2021, it marked the beginning of a new era. At the same time, we continue to build on a solid foundation with long historical roots.

In the annual report, you can read about how the summary accounts for 2021 are characterized by the on-going reorganization, and include the BCC Federation and the joint initiatives that were operative in 2021.

The accounts also show that the federation has a solid equity of almost 1.2 billion NOK and that there is also good liquidity in the federation.

Growth in mission

In 2021, the BCC Federation invested extensively in missionary work in countries with low purchasing power, including mission programs and Christian social entrepreneurship, not least in Africa. In addition, the mission organization took over the ownership of six mission-related properties in different parts of the world, all with great potential for spreading the gospel, supporting new churches and playing an important role in the lives of believers in developing countries.

At BCC Media, creative employees have worked intensively on communicating the gospel to various target groups, and gaming is now seen as a promising arena for giving young people knowledge and faith in the Bible and the gospel.

You can read about this, and much more, in the BCC Federation’s annual report. Enjoy yourself.