Seminar day: Inspiring Voluntary Work

In continuation of the Pentecost conference, board and committee members, church elders and other key volunteers from the local churches were invited to a seminar day. The purpose was to inspire many to engage in voluntary work for the church.

On behalf of the BCC Federation’s secretariat, Berit Hustad Nilsen welcomed the 570 participants who were registered. They came from 18 different countries and from about 70 local churches, and many have several years of experience in contributing as volunteers in church life.

A rich program awaited them, with several contributions from key personnel in the BCC Federation. Issues on the agenda covered plans and key initiatives sentrallyt, to help the churches making good plans locally and get involved in the federation’s key priorities.

Several volunteers from the local churches were also participants in panel discussions on the stage and shared their own experiences and learnings.

These were the main elements of the day’s program:

  • Non-profit business plans and key initiatives in the BCC Federation
  • A sustainable economy – projects and priorities
  • Development of conferences and voluntary efforts from local churches
  • A new model for regular donations
  • To contribute voluntarily in boards and committees

See photos from the day here