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This weekend’s information magazine gave the members  inspiring insight into what’s going on in BCC these days. The setting for the TV broadcast was the annual “brother’s conference” for men.

The program was sent live from the conference hall and consisted of information, music, and inspiring elements from  many contributors. Representatives from the church elders, the board and the administration all participated, and the viewers received inspiration and updates on what is currently happening in the BCC-foundation.

Several people contributed with inspiring elements, both from the stage and audience. Swipe right for more pictures. Photo: BCC

These were the most important items of business on the program:

  • Bi-annual mission celebrations for the whole church
    Mission work and church building have always been important to BCC. Going forward, the mission celebrations will continue to be bi-annual milestones, where the whole church will gather around the mission projects and collections. Local churches from various parts of the world take turns in organizing the transmissions, which contributes to variety and diverse content. The local church in Horten, Norway, was announced as the organizer of the next one.
  • BCC’s membership in the Christian Council of Norway
    The viewers got a glimpse of the process which led to the Christian Council of Norway voting BCC in as a full member on September 15 of this year, from  the previous role of observing member. The decision to seek full membership was the result of a long process, initiated by the board of elders and backed up by the board of representatives. BCC sees the importance of Christians coming together around that which unites us, and standing together to promote the conditions of Christianity in the community.
  • A new investment in Sunday School for BCC
    The Sunday School work is to be renewed and raised to new heights, in cooperation with volunteers in the local churches who are enthusiastic for the cause. Working for the children has been prioritized for many years in BCC, and this investment will carry that work forward for the next generation. In order to coordinate this important work going forward, a new employee has been hired as the contact person for all of the volunteers in the local branches.
  • Information from Oslofjord, and BCC’s use of Brunstad in 2022
    The leadership of Oslofjord spoke about the final steps in the building process which has taken place at Brunstad over the last decade; the new conference center and extended kitchen will be completed in the spring of 2022. Oslofjord will continue it’s commercial operations, and the definitive distinction between the non-profit, Christian purpose and the commercial activity will be implemented shortly. BCC rents the venue for all of its international conferences and events, which amounts to around 30 days a year. 2022 will be a special year, in which the entire new facility will be fully operational.
  • The BCC-foundation is being established
    The BCC-foundation is the organizational framework around which BCC will build its international operations in the decades to come. This autumn is an especially important milestone, as both the board of representatives and the board of elders are meeting to adopt a constitution on which the BCC-foundation will be built. This will create a good framework for developing the church further into the future.
News about the establishment of the BCC-federation was also promoted during the broadcast. Photo: BCC
The viewers got a glimpse of the process which led to the Christian Council of Norway voting BCC in as a full member this autumn. Photo: BCC

This is the Brunstad Magazine

The Brunstad Magazine is a monthly information and inspiration broadcast for the members and fellow believers in BCC. The TV program has its finger on the pulse of church life, and conveys the latest news about key projects, finances and organization to viewers on all continents.