Thursday = International Youth Broadcasts

Since BCC has its own TV channel, fellow believers can connect on the same frequency to hear spiritual edification, despite being in different countries across several continents. Since local church life is still largely on hold, around 6000 young people watched a meeting broadcast on Thursday evening.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo: BCC Media

Thursday evenings have been reserved for BCC’s young people since the fall, and weekly online broadcasts are produced from an interactive TV studio. Last Thursday the broadcast was watched online from 43 countries with an estimated total of 6000 viewers.

The same message around the world

The broadcast included both songs and prayer, along with several appeals and testimonies. There were contributions from Norway, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Great Britain, and Denmark. Several musical pieces were broadcast from various locations in Norway.

Swipe to see pictures from the broadcast:


Einar Ådalen, the youth leader in the local church in Østfold (Norway), started the meeting reading from Psalms 31:14-15: “But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God’. My times are in Your hand; Deliver me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me.”

He further explained that whether we live in Africa, Germany or in Norway, we have a life and time to spend. God does not look at our physical environment, rather the attitude we have in our heart.

It has been a challenging year for the whole world, but despite this many young people contributed with posts and testimonies about their faith for a bright future. Many expressed their desire to trust in God in their unique personal situations, and their joy for the opportunity to lay a foundation for a life of faith.

We experience that these joint meetings bring us together as a community of believers, and we look forward to meeting again at international conferences.