In February new episodes of the youth series “Intro” will be released, conveying the Christian message in an easy format, for youth in the age category between 11 and 14 years old. This new TV-concept was well received in the fall of 2020, and now BCC Media has made some minor adjustments to the program that will be streaming each month until the summer.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by BCC Media

«Intro» is a new program that BCC Media has produced for young people who are transitioning from being children to teenagers. The first six episodes were published in the fall. Two new episodes are now recorded and three more are underway.

Will fill a need for the youngest youth

Trine L. Sandersen

“BCC Media has received a lot of feedback that “Intro” has been popular, and we have used what we learned during the productions in the fall to prepare and adjust the concept”, says Trine L. Sandersen, who is the director of the series. She says it made sense for BCC Media to continue this initiative because there is a lack of programs with Christian content suited for this age group.

“The transition between being a child and a youth is an important time with increasing possibilities to participate in many aspects of church life. The Christian gospel is something the majority take a more active position on during this time and there can be a lot of words and expressions this age group wonders about and which they can benefit from having explained.”

Like last fall each episode will have a theme, and the goal is to give insight into the Christian gospel and make it interesting by lowering the threshold for questions around themes this age group maybe hasn’t understood but that has heard in the church’s messages. After last season they have also received feedback from young adults who have appreciated that the topics taken up were put into words. It has made people conscious of what the expressions and questions mean in themselves.

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Sander (15) is in the studio

Trine L. Sandersen says that they hope season two is even better than the first. The production team is using more time to prepare each episode and use variation to engage the viewers.

“We have a new filming location since last season which meant we needed to think new when it came to the studio. This means that “Intro” has a new look – this time the visual background is light and open and is set up more like a podcast studio.”

Alexander has continued as program leader and has Sander (15) with him in the studio. Trine L. Sandersen believes this will make the program even more understandable for young people.

“People automatically speak more down-to-earth and less complicated when having a direct conversation with a teenager. In addition, the scenes flip back and forth from the studio more often so it will be more interesting to watch. Animation and music will also be used again and the TV crew is working with volunteers who are musically talented. There has been even more work put in to produce good quality music videos suited to each theme and episode.”

The first episode of the spring premiers on Feb 22 and a new episode will come out each month up until and including the month of June. Parents, children, and youth workers are encouraged to do the same as last fall and make the monthly sendings into a special evening for this age group.

Click here to see the first of five episodes from the fall.

You will find more videoes for children on the Youtube-channel.