Many children are sitting at home more than usual right now, due to both a cold and dark winter, and because of the COVID-19 pandemic’s foothold around the around. We recommend BCC Media’s fun and inspiring TV programs for children.

By: Ulrikke Andresen – Photo: BCC Media

On this page or on YouTube many exciting episodes about various topics and stories from the Bible are available. These are produced by BCC Media with the goal of providing engaging Christian content to children and youth. We hope that those who wish for the children to watch positive content can use this as a supplement.

A new resource for Sunday school classes and parents

Click here to access more resources for sharing the Bible’s message with children. The website contains themed pages with animated series, broadcasts, and music videos.

This week’s recommended series:

Bible Explorers: Daniel

Bible Heroes of faith: Joshua into the Promised Land

Jesus Is My Friend, episode 1