New Media Foundation has Online Focus

BCC’s forward-thinking media branch will form its own foundation as of September this year. A kick-off for the new organization was held in August, with training for new employees and creative workshops for different departments.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by BCC

After many ground-breaking online productions this spring and summer, BrunstadTV is planning a new fall campaign and at the same time mapping out the 2021 production schedule.

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“The ‘BCC Online’ concept, developed as a result of the corona virus pandemic, has been a valuable springboard for current technology. It has given us new ways to gather for edification,ˮ says Johannes Schmechel, leader of the foundation.

He started in April and now leads about 50 employees who met last week for creative brainstorming and strategic planning.

Johannes Schmechel
Johannes Schmechel will be managing the new media foundation. Photo: BCC

“The goal of the workshop is to conceptualize plans for 2021 – our visions and the bigger picture. Based on this preparatory work, a budget will be presented to the assembly of representatives in December. The media foundation is responsible for TV production and media content at BCC’s events, currently streaming online because of the corona virus pandemic.”

“It is an interesting challenge, because in our current pandemic situation, we don’t know how the world will look next year. But we’re planning for the whole spectrum and will be flexible when the time comes to meet again for conferences and bigger events,” says Schmechel.

From a branch of BCC to its own Media Foundation

In July, the assembly of representatives gave BCC’s Board legal authorization to separate the media branch from the parent organization to form its own organization. The Media Foundation was established, and on August 19th, BCC’s Board adopted the new foundation as a formal member of the BCC association.

In July, the assembly of representatives gave BCC’s Board authority to separate the media division into its own organization. The media foundation was established, and on August 19th, BCC’s Board adopted the new foundation as a formal member of the BCC federation.

Ready for professional renewal and creative workshops in the media department. Photo: BCC

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Historically, BCC Media includes BrunstadTV, the mission website ActiveChristianity, and the new online productions, which escalated after the corona virus pandemic cause a global change this spring. Now the work is divided into different departments which produce and publish content for various platforms and target audiences, including children, young people and adults.

Media company with a young, energetic ambience

Young people interested in media have always been attracted to and employed by BCC’s TV-branch. Every fall, a new group is employed as part of their participation in the international youth program A-team.

For many years, BCC has also been a training site for students in media and graphic arts education programs. Last week, two new apprentices passed their exams.

“We need young and talented employees, especially when trying to create new concepts meant for children and young people. Last week’s new employee training was thorough. Experienced staff held courses and actively shared their professional knowledge,” reports Johannes Schmechel.

He says that they are looking forward to building the team’s competency while further developing a dynamic publishing house for the Christian message.

“There are many creative employees here who live and breathe for our interesting profession and the Christian messages we are trying to convey. With so many enthusiastic people at work, I have nothing but faith in the future and the possibilities ahead. We are ready for the fall now and the exciting phase ahead.”

Representatives from the team working with content for children present their new plans. Photo: BCC