Online summer: Diversity and Involvement

Thousands of members have looked forward to gathering for the message and fellowship, but for the first time the BCC summer conferences are cancelled. However, the online summer program is now ready, so members all over the world can nonetheless participate in the edification of their faith.

By Berit H. Nilsen / Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

The summer conferences are normally high on the priority list of our members. Participants from over 40 countries have gathered in Norway every summer for several decades, with a full program that goes over a large part of the summer.

This year the corona pandemic has put a stop to arranging a regular summer conference.

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As a good alternative, an online summer program is now ready.

“We hope that the thousands of members around the world who will follow along will feel the fellowship and the warmth through their screens, right where they are”, says Johannes Schmechel. He is responsible for the online production and looks forward to executing it.

“The key words for the program of summer 2020 online are diversity and involvement”, says Schmechel. The meetings have different themes from various parts of the world, and we want to show films, songs, and performances from all the continents”.

By increasing knowledge of different cultures, we increase respect for each other. The fact that all members who wish so can participate actively through online streaming, gives a special experience of togetherness.

Johannes Schmechel, the leader for the BCC online project, hopes all members will experience the fellowship through their screens. Photo by BCC


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Members finance online production

Since BCC is not receiving payment from those participating at the summer conference as we normally do,  we are dependent on members helping monetarily. There will be a collection during the conference, and it is possible to contribute via bank or digital  transfer service, for those who wish to give. In addition, many volunteers are helping in different arenas to bring together such a diverse and comprehensive production.

No pandemic or catastrophe can break the fellowship  we have, in the Spirit. By gathering around an online program, the gospel can be as clear as it always has been. A life-changing gospel, a message that is useful for the individual and the community as a whole.

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