As announced yesterday, preparations are underway to have the new technical infrastructure and studio ready for the Easter broadcasts. On Palm Sunday an online Easter Camp will be organized for the 4,000 people who registered, plus many more than were originally signed up.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photos by Lidiya Lukashuk

“We’ve received many excited messages from young people in places like Africa who are now looking forward to participating in step with everyone else. We have about 500 African young people who can now participate in the new virtual Camp, while only 75 of these were originally registered for the Easter Camp at Brunstad,” explains Peter Tischhauser, manager of Brunstad Youth Club.

Peter Tischhauser (left) is glad that it is possible for youth from around the world to participate in the virtual Camp. Photo by BCC


In collaboration with BCC and the Activity Club organization, the youth club has completely revised its plans in order to offer a good alternative option for the many thousands who had been looking forward to Easter.

There will be programs available the whole day during the Online Camp, which include 10 different activities the youth can choose between. Here, participants are given fun tasks, competitions, and challenges online.

The gaming option includes a variety of tournaments, and in addition there are live streams like MasterChef, music, wilderness, photography, and mass media, to name a few.

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Preparations for MasterChef, one of the many available activities during Easter. Photo: private


During Easter camp there will be spiritual messages. A large and innovative Bible project about the book of Hebrews, which connected thousands of youth from many countries in the months before Easter, will be concluded. They have listened to audio books, watched animated films, taken online interactive quizzes, and watched 13 studio podcasts about the letter to the Hebrews. Now this will be summarized in an extended broadcast during the virtual Easter Camp.

We will return with updates when the virtual Easter Camp is underway.

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From the weekends first live broadcast. Kåre J. Smith was one of the guests in the studio. Photo by BCC


The homepage of Brunstad Youth Club’s website for the online Easter Camp. Here you can find programs, competitions, and activities available for participants. Photo by BCC