International exchange at BCCs main office

There is cultural diversity at BCC’s main office in Oslo. The young people that have signed  up for BCC’s international youth program,YEP, contribute to a positive work environment. This year there is people from eight different countries that have their workplace here. How is it to come from South America for a cultural exchange in Norway?

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk/ Sebastian Ådalen

Most of the young people that apply to YEP are placed at our main office in Oslo. They work with BCC’s TV channel, translations from Norwegian to other languages, planning and executing international conferences, communication work on website and social media, among other things.

They come from all over the world, and normally participate in the program for one year. Within this time span, they get to work for a non- profit organization, be along in Bible studies, and experience the cultural exchange by studying the Norwegian language and culture.

During their stay the young people participate in bible studies with focus on many different themes. Photo: BCC


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Two of the newest participants are Keiry (19) and Gervane (19) from northern Brazil. They work at BCC’s office daily, where they cooperate with two other young people doing different tasks throughout the week.

“It’s exciting to get to experience a new language and a new culture”, says Keiry.

From the Amazon to shared accommodations in Norway

Home in Para in Brazil Keiry lives in the Amazon, a very different everyday life then what she now experiences in Norway. Her mother tongue is Portuguese, and she has already learned a good bit of Norwegian. She started preparing before she left, where she learned Norwegian words and expressions via the internet, which came in handy when her stay began in Norway.

Keiry lives with ten other girls from a total of eight different countries, and all of them are part of the youth program. Here they participate together in Bible studies each week and other additional activities that are offered as part of the program.

“It’s fun to live together with others around the same age as me who believe the same thing I do,” she says. “We get to know each other extra well and speak about many different things during our Bible studies together.”

Keiry (third from the left) lives together with other girls who are part of BCC’s youth exchange program. Photo: BCC

Ski trip in a winter wonderland- a completely new experience

Gervane tells that they have just been on a weekend trip to Hallingdal in Norway, where they experienced Norwegian winter and snow.

“Where I live it doesn’t go below 20 degrees Celsius in the winter, so I’ll never forget this experience. It was really exciting trying the ski hills.”

Gervane (in the middle) and some of the guys who were along on the trip to Hallingdal. Photo: BCC


On the trip the youth experienced an extra fun winter day on the mountain followed by a festive evening with edification and encouragement in their faith. The Christian community the young people meet during the exchange program is also an important part of the experience.

“The messages we hear and the bible studies we participate in, together with other young people from the whole world, gives my stay an extra dimension that has enriched my life,” says Gervane. “It is something I want to take home with me when my year with the youth exchange program is up.”

The youth program is an important part of the mission work in BCC, and the international work environment makes everyday life exciting at the main office. In the next months we will share more articles and films of things that happen at BCC’s office.

There was action and excitement on the mountain in Hallingdal for young people from all over the world. Photo: BCC
It was time for festivities, edification and encouragement after a long day outside. Photo: BCC