The Message of Christmas in Animation Film for Children

At BCC we are actively engaged in the medium of film and our ability to produce TV has been steadily improving over several years, particularly for children. We hope that more and more people can have the pleasure of seeing this wonderful story about the Christmas message. See the link below the article.

By Berit H. Nilsen / Photos by Brunstad TV

Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) have in recent years invested millions to develop TV Production and distribution to other internet platforms.

The vision has been to create an environment where we can produce and develop both the skills and a sense for the content, the primary motive being to share the content with people of faith both in Norway and abroad. It is mainly our members who have financed all this development by contributing with their gifts, and many are involved themselves in various projects.

We aim to share the content with more people

When the quality is good enough and we have produced more material, we will increasingly share the content with all who are interested in the Christian message. It is this which inspires us, and that is why we have chosen to invest so much money, time and resources in precisely this development.

The content for children is what we are most occupied with

An important aim has been to create positive content for the children, which we hope can be a good alternative to the maze of choices which are available to children today.

We believe it is important that Christians make their contribution towards good content, so that the generations to come can get to hear about Jesus our saviour.

Click on to the picture to see and hear stories with the Christmas Message:






At you will find many episodes that tell the story to children. At “Christmas at Brunstad TV” you will find the Christmas story as a cartoon, and other exciting stories, such as “Ola’s Christmas wish”.

Please take a look and contact us if you have any feedback or new ideas as to how the content of the stories for children can be produced or shared.

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