Yesterday the 2019 Fall Camp opened in a packed Oslofjord Arena with youth from 27 countries. The primary target group for the camp is youth aged 13-18 years old, and Brunstad Youth Club has worked diligently to prepare the event. Here Christian young people from many countries meet for activities, instruction, and celebration.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photos by Ulrikke Andresen/Lidiya Lukashuk

This is the first time Brunstad Youth Club is organizing a fall camp, and it will last all weekend. Already on Friday afternoon, many travelers from all over the world arrived at Brunstad, and the hotel suites in the new buildings were filled with expectant young people and excited mentors. They are participating together with their local youth clubs, and there has been a lot of activity and commitment to get to the camp.

A big opening show in the main hall made an impression. An uplifting Christian message, combined with excited stage effects, music and good food kicked off the weekend. The evening’s activities took place in the state-of-the-art sports facilities in the new Oslofjord Arena, where there was plenty of room for both the formal and informal sections of the program.

The opening show conveyed a hopeful message to the youth, and was a mix of entertainment, music and inspirationfor a personal life of faith. Photo by BCC

Young adults participate as mentors and supporters

“The main target group for the camp is youth aged 13-18 years old, but we also have older participants, in addition to all the mentors and adult volunteers,” says Judith Grimes from the Brunstad Youth Club.

“There are actually more mentors registered than actual participants. That is to ensure that everyone, including the youngest, will be comfortable and safe, and be monitored by adults they already know. In addition, many mentors are involved in organizing and implementing the many activities we have. There is simply a fantastic volunteer commitment behind this event!” she says.

There are over 2000 mentors making an effort for the youth in the target group. Here from the E-sports tournament on Friday night. Photo by BCC

A variety of activities for everyone

There is something for everyone: during the day there are 21 different activities for attendees to choose from. One of the activities most focused on during the Fall Camp is LAN/E-Sports, as well as several athletic tournaments, music, photography, and much more. In the evenings there were exciting and important instructional gatherings organized for the youth.

Planning a camp for almost 4000 youth is a huge job for the organizers. It’s not just the team from Brunstad Youth Club that has been involved in preparations. Volunteers from around the world, but mostly from Norway, have planned the various activities the youth participate in.

There are two local youth clubs, BUK Drammen and BUK Oslo Follo, who are responsible for the evening programs. In addition, BrunstadTV has made films and stage productions, with leaders and experienced youth workers contributing to the content and teaching.

Judith Grimes (left) and Peter Tischhauser (second from right) from Brunstad Youth Club, together with the team who arranged the opening show. Photo by BCC

A good mix of activity, shared experiences, and religious instruction

“The goal is for everyone who comes here to have a good experience, and that it will be a highlight every time,” says Peter Tischhauser, who leads the work at Brunstad Youth Club. “We have worked with the Camp for about five months now, and so far everything has gone according to plan,” he smiles.

“The camps will contribute to both social, personal and spiritual development. This means, for example, that the young people are strengthened to have faith in themselves, and faith that a Christian life is for them. We want to inspire young people to be disciples. We want to do this in an exciting and innovative way, with a good combination of major content and entertainment to create a ‘wow factor’. Youth need both elements,” says a smiling Tischhauser.

Almost 4000 youth attended the opening ceremony in Oslofjord Arena, and the program appeared to be well received. Photo by BCC
A satisfied group from Grenland, Telemark. Photo by BCC