Do you want to be a missionary? Begin where you are

The way we communicate with one another is constantly changing, in a moving media environment with constantly new technological possibilities. This is both exciting and challenging and there is a need for constant renewal. It is nevertheless the individual’s life which is decisive.

By Eunice Ng – Video by Brunstad TV

The word ‘mission’ sounds quite exotic to most Christians.

A search for “mission” on google images will show illustrations of the planet Earth and pictures of Asia and Africa. Many have an image of outer mission, usually about individuals from the west go out to a foreign culture with the aim of teaching them about Christianity.

The Great Commission is central

For Christians, the motivation to take up missionary work comes from the commandment that Jesus gave to his disciples before He left this Earth.

‘All power is given to me both in Heaven and on Earth. Go therefore out and make disciples of all people, Baptising them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and teach them to keep all that I have commanded you. And behold I am with you always until the end of the world.’

(Matthew 28 v 18 -20)

This is a great task. Most Christians are engaged in this work, even if things may be carried out in slightly different ways. Churches may have different tasks according to where they are.

A life in development can inspire others

In BCC we focus in particular on the part which says that we should ‘teach them to keep all that I have commanded you.’ As Christians and as disciples of Jesus we need to constantly be learning from Him. This is a lifelong process, and an interesting life in constant development.

The goal of our missionary page is to be a source of Christian content, which can help people who seek an active Christian life. We get over 45,000 different people looking at our page every day on a world wide basis. A great proportion of these come from North and South America. Different ways of presenting the content is in constant development.

Nevertheless, we see that perhaps the most effective and meaningful way to share The Gospel is that individuals believe in and keep God’s word in ever day life.

The Missionary work for the next generation.

The denomination BCC, keep the Great Commission as our vision, and in our task to teach Christians to follow Jesus, we find that the nearest mission field is our very own young people.

Everything that BCC is engaged with, everything we use our money for and that which gathers us is this assignment; that all peoples can become disciples and learn to keep all that Jesus has commanded us.

We therefore urge all Christians to stand up for their faith and share with boldness whatever they themselves have been helped by.

Inspirational Video together with Brunstad TV, have made a video which encourages exactly this. The film was first broadcast  in the monthly TV magazine for members that convey information and inspiration to churches around the globe.