New Year’s Camp gathers youth from 27 countries and five continents

After several years successfully arranging Easter Camp for the youth in BCC, another youth camp was held this New Year’s. With almost 4,000 participants from 27 countries and five continents, the conference center at Brunstad was bustling when the camp kicked off today.

By Berit H. Nilsen – Photos by BCC

The new multipurpose complex at Oslofjord is buzzing with voices in various languages. Young people of different ages and nationalities stream in and out in many directions. Some are off to play ice hockey, others football or volleyball. This huge complex has several playing fields, courts, and facilities for a number of activities.

The new multipurpose complex at Oslofjord is impressive. Today it holds several thousand young people and various sports are being played side by side. Photo: BCC

On one wall, preparations are underway for climbing, with space dedicated to both beginners and more practiced climbers. Local groups from many countries are signed up, and older youth are guiding the younger ones.

Boys and girls are slowly inching their way up this impressive climbing wall, reaching over several stories high, with so-called boulder walls and climbing walls for beginners with thick mattresses on the floor below.

Lots of activity on the climbing wall – a gang of girls tests out the boulder wall. Photo: BCC

A drug and alcohol-free Christian event for youth

The New Year’s camp is a drug and alcohol-free Christian youth event for the young people who share Brunstad Christian Church’s (BCC) faith. The purpose of arranging these youth camps is to be able to offer activities that are suited to different interests, a Christian community, and not least offer faith-building edification.

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Care, inclusion, and community across cultures

The target age group for these camps is 13-18 years, but in addition to these, a large number of youth leaders and mentors are along in caring and inclusion, so everyone feels safe and can thrive.

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Mentor work and inclusion is managed in smaller groups when almost 4,000 young people from all over the world meet for activities and fellowship. Photo: BCC

In the main hall, an interesting theme evening is arranged for tonight. Edification is adapted for young people both in theme and language, so it is interesting and inspiring for the target group.

BCC works to teach all those with an interest to follow everything that Jesus teaches us. This work is therefore important for the next generation, and the youth camps are a part of this work. Young people across cultures and country borders are gathered around a common Christian faith.

We look forward to telling more about the youth camp, the evening events and the activities here at

Girls from South Africa and Denmark have hit it off. Some are participating in the volleyball tournament and others are supporters. Photo: BCC

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