Visions for the future and stable finances

The annual representative assembly is a gathering of 125 members of BCC`s boards, leadership, and local churches from many different countries. They spend several days together focusing on important discussions, decisions, and collaboration.

By: Berit H. Nilsen – Photo: Arve Solli

BCC and it`s local churches are active in numerous and diverse ways, but Christianity is the purpose and foundation of everything. Meeting others who are enthusiastic about the church`s objectives is inspiring and motivating, and therefore the assembly is an important factor in promoting the church`s positive work.

Representative assembly

Participants received thorough presentations and were well-informed for decisions to be made; items on the agenda were processed and completed on Monday, July 16th.

Vegar Kronstad, CEO, presented BCC`s financial statements from 2017, which were then approved by the assembly. Accounting shows that BCC had donations and collections amounting to 337 million Norwegian kroner (MNOK).

67 % of the donations came from members, local churches, and organizations in Norway, 28 % from other countries in Europe, and the rest from countries outside of Europe.

CEO, Vegar Kronstad, presented the annual report with financial statements for 2017 for the participants. Photo: BCC

The church`s extensive activities are based on voluntary donations and the joy in giving, which has been a tradition in BCC for generation after generation.

BCC`s primary mission is to ensure that through the church`s operation, the spoken and written word can reach everyone who wants to hear, learn, and live as disciples of Christ. Considerable efforts are made with the TV-channel, websites, conferences, and work with children and youth. The greatest portion of BCC`s operating costs go to different aspects of this activity.

More details on BCC`s work are stated in 2017`s Annual Report, which was distributed to all representatives at the assembly, and is published on this website.

Read BCC’s Annual Report for 2017 here. 

“Together we work to fulfill BCC’s objectives to an increasing degree. In the coming year, we aspire to continue and improve our organization’s positive development”

(From BCC’s annual report)

Positive change and renewal – for children and youth also

BCC is constantly changing and improving in many ways. Over the last few years, considerable attention has been given to facilitate gatherings around the Christian faith for children and youth, and simultaneously offer diverse recreational choices. BCC wishes to continue this work, and cooperates closely with Brunstad Youth Club, which is dedicated to the facilitation of this very opportunity.

Because of the international Easter camp`s continued success for several years, we wish to provide the opportunity for participation to all interested youth in BCC. Local youth clubs will be able to register as a group and prepare their participation both practically and financially.

Read more about BCC’s youthcamp in Easter here.

Good follow up is important in church life

BCC`s churches are to be a good gathering place for Christians, and it is important that children, youth, and adults alike experience caring and security in their local settings.

Harald Kronstad, leader of BCC`s Resource Team, oriented representatives on the work being done to prevent violence, abuse, and inappropriate behavior. This is a continuation of several decades of ongoing work, and Kronstad reiterated important guidelines and routines for reporting and follow-up.

«Our goal is to be head of the class in this area», he repeated several times. He pointed out that this topic has major consequences for affected individuals if it isn`t taken seriously.

Read more about BCC’s seminars and stategy for a safe church environment.

Great interest in BCC`s conferences

At the first of two summer conferences, which starts July 20th, Oslofjord`s housing capacity is maxed out. There is still some vacancy for the second conference.

An alternative model for future summer conferences was presented at the meeting, which will make it possible to house more of those who wish to attend. Development of a solid yet dynamic model for BCC`s conferences in the future is work in progress.

The agenda is interesting, and a sense of humour is also present among the audience. Photo: BCC

Good information creates involvement

BCC is working to develop and improve information for employees, members, and authorities. Experience tells us that good information and candor create trust and commitment. Getting feedback, constructive criticism, and good input helps us change the organization for the better.

We look forward to sharing more on these topics when over 10,000 BCC members gather for the summer conference this coming weekend, and will provide updates here on

BCC’s Annual Report for 2017 is thourougly read by the participants in the meeting, here by two representatives from BCC in England. Photo: BCC