A look at one of easter camp´s many activities

Are you wondering what it is like to be at the Easter camp? We joined the mountain-climbing group on their trip to Hønefoss.

Article & photos by Louise Samnøy

It is seven o’clock and there is already a flurry of activity at Brunstad. Three boys with large hockey bags are on their way up the hill; behind them are two girls discussing soccer practice. Ingrid Condrea Abigail is in the parking lot with her backpack and outdoor gear. She and 64 other young people have signed up for hiking, one of the more than 40 different activities offered during this year`s Easter camp.

Ingrid from Romania is at Easter camp for the first time, and ready for a hiking trip in Norway.  Photo: BCC. 

The girl from Romania has been in Norway before, but this was her first time at the camp. “My friends have raved about it so much, so I was determined to go this year. I have hiked a fair amount before, which is why I chose hiking. However, I was a bit nervous and unsure about what I was getting into,” says the 21 year-old.

Eleven nations on a hiking trip

The trip is to Hønefoss.

While some had all they could manage just to keep pace and continue breathing, others conversed cheerfully in German, Spanish, and Bergen (Norwegian dialect) as they make their way up the mountain towards Gyrihaugen. There are 110 people from eleven different nations who participates in the two day-long trips.

The numbers were even larger at the camp. 4,500 youth from 31 different nations participated in the activities arranged by BCC for the week.

Taking a break in the sun. The conversation flows in several different languages.  Photo: BCC.  

“Norwegians are warm and friendly.”

Ingrid tells us she has already made several new friends from different countries. “I have gotten acquainted with people from Germany, Norway, and even China.  Many say that Norwegians are not warm and friendly, but that is not true.  In any case, that has not been my experience during Easter camp.”

Roasting hot dogs over a campfire is practically a requirement for the hiking experience, and appears to sit well with the international hiking participants.  Photo: BCC

Beautiful weather and views of Blefjell, Norefjell, and Gaustadtoppen

After a good, long lunchbreak, the group finally reaches the summit. In the clear Easter weather Ingrid and the rest of the group can see the Oslo fjord, Gaustadtoppen, Blefjell & Norefjell. “The view here is different than in Romania, but it is really nice,” she says with a smile. She is especially pleased with how well organized the trip was. “I think everything was arranged extremely well, and we have had everything we needed. The path up the mountain was well-marked so those who fell behind a little did not get lost, and I thought that was good.”


Beautiful view – clearly this group of climbers thought it was well worth the effort on the way up.  Photo: BCC. 

Those in charge took their job seriously

One of those responsible for the hiking trip is Hanna Bekkevold, 24. She is happy the trip met their expectations. “This is the first year we`ve offered hiking, and I was a bit apprehensive how it would go with so many participants. However, everyone in charge took their jobs seriously, which is no doubt why everything turned out so well. I am especially glad for that. The weather also cooperated, and I don’t believe we could have had a better trip,” she concludes.

Hanna Bekkevold is in charge of the outdoor experience during the Easter camp, and is happy the climbing went so well.  Photo: BCC. 

A helping hand: Trying out the mini-skis.  An older participant helps one of the younger ones.  Photo: BCC. 

New friends, sunshine, and excellent natural surroundings made for a successful climbing trip for 64 international participants.  Photo: BCC.