BrunstadTV 5 years old

Inspired by Kåre J. Smith’s vision of «providing positive Christian values to children, youth and families», in 2010 a little group began to produce that which we can with pride call BrunstadTV; the church’s own TV channel.

BrunstadTV has contributed to BCC’s members «meeting» across cultures, countries and continents.

Christian Values

It began small scale, with a desire of precisely being able to communicate positive Christian values for children, youth and families. Over the course of six intense months from the fall of 2010 the channel was helped to its feet by a group of enthusiasts. The TV bus was purchased in order to produce TV broadcasts from various locations both in Norway and abroad, and personnel were given training by professional technicians. Broadcasts from BCC conferences had been going on right from 1998, and still remain an important part of the channel’s task. BrunstadTV makes multi camera productions and broadcasts them directly from conferences and other events under the direction of BCC every year.

However, after the decision to start up an in-house TV channel, the employees were challenged both in respect to direction and project leadership, not least for idea and concept development. Through goal oriented work bit by bit TV programs were created that underpinned BrunstadTV’s vision. Following the broadcast start, there were only a few programs to display, but today the channel can proudly present a broad variation of broadcasts.

A Varied Program

«Mega Friday» is children’s evening after they have finished school for the week and can pop popcorn and relax on the sofa with the newest children’s program. There are both studio based programs such as «in Box» but also reality series such as «Double Joy » or «Camp Survival». Shorter series with music and animation are also on the children’s menu.

Flere av deltakerne fra tidligere episoder av «Dobbel Glede» gjør ekstra stas på den populære programlederen.
In the children’s program «Double Joy» children can nominate a friend whom they wish to give extra joy to.

I realityserien «Camp Survival» må ungdommer samarbeide for å mestre ulike utfordringer I naturen.
In the reality series «Camp Survival» young people have to work together to overcome various challenges in the outdoors.

Ute i den flotte norske naturen under opptak av «Camp Survival».
Outside in the beautiful Norwegian countryside during the shooting of «Camp Survival»

Golden Sunday

As time has passed by the channel has begun to focus more on an adult target group. «To Action» is an important flag ship program for youth. This is a studio program where several teams compete against each other in knowledge and understanding of relevant problem situations in the everyday life of a believer. «Golden Sunday» is a well-known concept amongst the channel’s viewers. Sunday evening nine o’clock one can relax and watch theme documentaries such as «The sea battle regarding Romans 7», lighter entertainment such as «A better meal », or get updated with the always relevant «Brunstad Magazine».

BrunstadTV-crew ved innspilling av en episode av «BrunstadMagasinet».
The BrunstadTV crew during the shooting of an episode of « Brunstad Magazine».

BrunstadTV has contributed to the members of BCC «meeting» together across cultures, countries and continents. Several parents express their enthusiasm over the fact that children can have a TV alternative which they know has a safe and positive content, and that BrunstadTV is a good supplement to all the other entertainment programs on offer.

The channel is in constant development, professional courses and idea workshops are held regularly. A lot of work is also done to adapt the content to the viewer’s needs, and recently we set up our own YouTube channel, where a selection of the programs´ content is published.

Med TV-bussen kan BrunstadTV produsere TV-sendinger fra ulike lokasjoner både i Norge og utlandet.
Using the TV bus, BrunstadTV can produce TV broadcasts from different locations both in Norway and abroad.

Teknikere styrer produksjonen fra innsiden av TV-bussen.
Technicians control the production from inside the TV bus.

BCCs stevner og arrangementer på Brunstad sendes via direkte satellittoverføringer eller via internett streaming til medlemmer over hele verden.
BCC’s conferences and events at Brunstad are sent live via satellite broadcasts or via Internet streaming to members over the entire world.

Fra en workshop for utvikling av nye konsepter.
Form a workshop for the development of new concepts.

Teamet fra barneprogrammet «iBoks».
The team from the «In Box» children’s program.

A Positive and Motivated 5-year-old!

Today BrunstadTV is not only a living TV channel, it is also an inspiring and attractive workplace and a learning arena where several have carried out their apprenticeships with excellent results. Over 20 people work for BrunstadTV full time, in addition to the several young people from the «A team» who contribute and over one hundred volunteers who take part in live broadcasts and other productions. The production department is now housed in the stylish offices at Ryenstubben in Oslo.

All BrunstadTV’s activities are financed through BCC’s budget for mission. BCC members therefore contribute financially and thus it’s able to keep offering an interesting and attractive TV channel in BCC.

We feel a pedagogue’s description of a 5-year-old today fits well for BrunstadTV:
A 5-year-old is in a phase where it normally behaves in a friendly and peaceful manner, but that doesn’t mean boring. A 5-year-old is explorative and curious, and has initiative and pride as positive basic attitudes!

BrunstadTV is motivated to take on the challenge in the next 5 years!