BCC’s own TV channel


BrunstadTV is Brunstad Christian Church’s own TV channel. Since 1998 BCC has sent live TV from conferences at Brunstad and from some local events. BrunstadTV was established in its present format in 2010, and went on the air for the first time on April 2, 2011.

BrunstadTV is a non-commercial channel, financed by donations. Most of the program content is sent to BCC’s members via Telenor’s satellite THOR 5. In addition, BrunstadTV transmits via Internet streaming for members outside of Europe. 

BrunstadTV also has Web-TV with on demand videos, and TV programs are published in our YouTube channel.

BrunstadTV’s YouTube channel


A permanent staff with employed personnel carries out the daily running of the channel, and is divided up into four teams:

  • – Programming and production
  • – Studio operations
  • – Editing
  • – Distribution

Several participants from BCC’s youth program YEP also contribute to BrunstadTV’s production and operations, in addition to many of BCC’s members who contribute on a voluntary basis during large live events, for example during conferences at Oslofjord Convention Center at Brunstad in Vestfold.

Headquarters and production are located in Oslo, whereas the master control is at Oslofjord Convention Center.

BrunstadTV’s vision is to communicate positive and good values to children, youth and families, and is an important medium for outreach with information and a gospel.

Every year several different TV shows are produced – for children, youth, and families. BrunstadTV is also an important info channel for BCC´s members, a monthly program called “BrunstadMagasinet.” Several times a year idea workshops are arranged in order to create breadth and variation in the type of programs that are offered on the channel.

BrunstadTV participates in several international trade fairs to stay updated in content production, technology, and equipment.

Over the years, BrunstadTV has invested in a lot of technology and equipment, such as large LED screens, HD image control, and an HD production bus. Constant updates and security are essential for managing these complex productions, especially during BCC’s large conferences at Brunstad.

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