BCC Media

Since 1998 BCC has broadcast live TV from conferences at Brunstad and from some local events.

BrunstadTV was established in its present format in 2011 and went on the air for the first time on April 2, 2011. Most of the program content is broadcast to BCC’s members via Telenor’s satellite THOR 5. In addition, BrunstadTV transmits via Internet streaming for members outside of Europe. 

BrunstadTV also has Web-TV with on-demand videos, and TV programs are published on our YouTube channel.

The channel is run by a team of employees. Some of the functions they carry out include:

  • Editing and administration
  • Program production (children, youth and adults)
  • Multi-camera production
  • Distribution

The main office and production are in Oslo, while the technical control centre is based at Oslofjord Convention Center in Vestfold, Norway. This is the property BCC rents for all of its international events.

BrunstadTV’s YouTube channel

In September 2020, BrunstadTV and the rest of BCC’s media business were separated into a separate foundation: the bcc.media Foundation. This is the first step in the development of the future BCC organizational structure, where both the media foundation and other organizations will be a formal member of the BCC federation.

BrunstadTV is also an important informative channel for BCC’s members, and BCC Media collaborates with BCC in the production of the monthly news program the “Brunstad Magazine”.

Many of BCC’s members contribute voluntarily on major projects, especially for BCC’s conferences and major studio productions.

Over the years, BrunstadTV has invested heavily in technology and equipment such as large LED screens, HD image control, and an HD production bus. Constant updates and security are essential for managing these complex productions, especially during BCC’s large conferences and live broadcasts. For this reason, employees regularly attend various international industry events, to stay up to date on content production, technology, and equipment.

From BCC’s studio broadcasts and online conferences

Online missionary tools


BCC has net-based outreach tools, mainly the platform activechristianity.org. The primary focus of these sites is edification and Christian missions, and they are translated into several languages. Everyone who is interested can read about BCC’s faith and teachings, and the church’s original literature is available for download as e-books. The gospel’s message is further presented in online articles, films, and personal testimonies. Social media is used actively to reach others and lead new readers to BCC’s net platforms.

Activechristianity.org – website

For any and all interested, BCC’s beliefs, teachings, and core literature are easily accessible as e-books. The Christian doctrine is further presented via online articles, films and personal testimonies. Social media is used actively to reach more people and lead readers to central content on the website.  

In the years ahead BCC Media will be an important tool in BCC’s missionary work. With the help of traditional teaching and cutting-edge technology, we wish to convey the gospel and make it accessible so that people interested in the Bible’s message have the opportunity to hear, experience, and partake of the new life Jesus taught. BrunstadTV is one of several vehicles used for this purpose.

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