A hectic autumn

“There’s so very much to do ere it’s too late”, we sing in a song written by Elihu Pedersen, which is about doing things for the Lord’s cause and spreading the kingdom of God on the earth. This is what we will experience this autumn. Read why here.

There are several important projects that are now gaining momentum, and all of our activities revolve around fulfilling our objectives. When we have made decisions, we want to implement them, and action is precisely one of the characteristics of BCC as a faith community.

This is why responsible people in the local churches in particular are facing a hectic autumn, now that the resolutions made at the meeting of the Assembly of Representatives are to be implemented.

For those of you who are members, we will provide good information via TV broadcasts, podcasts, webinars and member meetings in the local churches. For others who are interested in our activities, we will update regularly with news here on the website.

The following is a short overview of the central projects which will be carried out this autumn.

The youth are saving for the future

The autumn is being kicked off with the launch of Samvirk, with an offer to the young people between the ages of 18 and 26. Young people are encouraged to start saving to participate in future camps and conferences to be held in Oslofjord already now. Many of the youth have parents and grandparents who have invested in long-term agreements for accommodations during BCC conferences, but once they become adults, it makes sense to secure possibilities for their own accommodations. Those who register for this also plan to be part of our conferences and camps into the future.

Read more about what Samvirk is on their website.

Mission collection to give more people the opportunity to gather around the gospel

The local church in BCC Tønsberg, Norway, is coordinating the mission feast in October and are the motivators for the mission collection in the autumn. The theme for the mission feast is “Lift up your eyes, look around and see,” and this accurately reflects the objective of the collection, which will in its entirety go towards mission support for churches in low-income countries, so that they can also participate in Christian conferences and youth camps in the church.
The collection is open for the period between August 26 to October 10.

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Kristian Bekkevold from BCC Tønsberg spoke about the plans for the autumn mission drive during the Magazine in August. Photo: BCC

Membership in Norway

As part of the development of the organization of BCC, everyone who has until now been an active participant in the Norwegian faith community BCC Norway is asked to apply for membership according to new membership conditions through a digital application in the autumn of 2022.

Membership is voluntary and open to anyone who supports and professes the church’s Basis of Faith and objectives, which are based on the Bible. In order to apply for membership, you must be a resident of Norway, and upon registration you will be given further guidance as to what membership terms and conditions are.

If you want your application processed before conference registration for 2023 ends, the deadline for applying for membership is 9 October 2022.

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Conference registrations for 2023

In the coming year, BCC Event will organize a total of nine international conferences for local churches, in addition to four youth camps. For many decades, these have been very important events for the church, and after the pandemic there is a greater demand than ever to participate. With many thousands of participants, a great deal of logistics is required to make it all work well. This applies to everything from registration, budgeting and planning of program elements, to the coordination of volunteering, ordering meals and the implementation itself.

Dates for the conferences in the coming year have now been set, and for the first time, the local churches are signing up jointly for all the conferences in 2023. This is done by the members registering their interest with their local church by 24 October, and the local church then sending a registration for the whole church to BCC Event by the end of the month.

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Peter Tischhauser from BCC Event gave an engaging presentation on the BCC conferences for the next year during the Magazine. Photo: BCC

Donations in a new form

Donations have always been a framework for the finances of BCC, and haves ensured that both the local churches and the central organisation have sustainable finances. Donations have, among other things, financed Christian media production and mission activities all over the world, as well as work for children and young people, and local church activities.

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate according to their ability, beginning in 2023 the local churches will encourage their members to donate a percentage of their gross income. This has been analyzed in recent years, and tested in a pilot project with three Norwegian local churches. The experience has shown that a large majority perceive this as positive and fair, and it particularly lessens the burden for those with low incomes.

This way, everyone can contribute according to their actual ability, and the local church gains predictability for covering budgeted expenses, which are decided by the members during their annual meetings. Once the percentage has been calculated, the members are presented with the budget at the annual meeting. The Assembly of Representatives has resolved that the percentage should not exceed 10% of gross income, after local expenses, central eexpenses and costs for participation in conferences have been taken into account.

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Tore Aslaksen from the Assembly of Representatives’ secretariat laid out the case for the new donation model when it was adopted at the Assembly of Representatives meeting on July 25 . Photo: BCC

Those who are members of the Norwegian local churches will sign a letter of intent in which they indicate their donation to the local church for the next year’s budget. This provides predictability for both the donors themselves, and for the board of the local church, which is responsible for ensuring that the finances are balanced with the level of activity the church has decided on for the coming year.

“There’s so very much to do ere it’s too late”

The text we quoted in the beginning was written by Elihu Pedersen in 1935, when he was a young man going out into the mission field. The song is an inspiration to take action and do something for Christ, so that His teaching and the word of the cross can be preached in the south and the north. Here we share the text of the song:

Now throughout our country Jesus’ teaching needs declaring.
Spread in north and south the message of the cross.
Town and city, hill and valley—sow and don’t be sparing;
Bring the Word of Truth to every soul who’s lost.
Time ebbs fast away; start without delay!
See, our field of work is very great.
Just go out in faith to God, the burdens gladly bearing.
There’s so very much to do ere it’s too late.

As in days of Noah, sin and darkness are prevailing.
Many so-called Christians have been led astray.
Young and old and great and small in unbelief are sailing.
Really, very few belong to Christ today.
Yet faith’s fire is bright, spreading life and light,
And God’s grace is more than ever here.
Join God’s mighty warfare with a faith and zeal unfailing;
Crush the work of man and Satan; do not fear!

Not just two or merely three, but all without exception,
Heed this challenge, strive for Jesus—everyone!
Start at once with what you have, and God will give direction.
There’s no time for foolishness or idle fun.
Do not hesitate,
or you’ll be too late.
It’s your calling here to give your all.
Satan says, “O spare yourself,” but you know that’s deception.
Faithful be to Christ by whom you have your call.

Lyrics: Elihu Pedersen. Melody: David Roth. Copyright: Stiftelsen Skjulte Skatters Forlag

BCC Federation’s objectives

  • Promote the Christian faith, as set out in the BCC Federation’s Basis of Faith, among all people and teach those who want to, to keep all of Jesus’ commandments.
  • Further the framework conditions for Christianity and its standing in society.
  • Provide children and young people with a positive and healthy Christian environment, and create good framework conditions for children and young people’s personal, spiritual, and social development.