BCC’s Missionary activity

Brunstad Christian Church has for many decades supported international missionary work, emphasizing the physical and fellowship related conditions for church growth. Because of this we have often given financial and administrative support to the construction of conference centers as a basis for this activity. These centers are built with good facilities both for edification, accommodation, dining facilities, and activities for all age groups, yet with the main emphasis on children and youth. We seek to activate local forces at an early stage, so that a feeling of ownership for that which is created is established. In this connection YEP (Youth Exchange Program) plays a central role, both for relationship-building and for the construction of the facilities.

BCC wants missionary work to be carried out by those who want to missionize on a non-profit basis. BCC has a long tradition of having unpaid missionaries.

BCC’s involvement in developing countries also implies deaconry. This can include the establishment of workplaces and dwellings, help given to children and young people to get an education, and not least paving the way for a healthy quality of life.


Help to self-help is at the very center of our missionary work. We are not interested in investing funds to be used as a pillow and a basis for passivity, but rather to stimulate local involvement according to the resources and possibilities available. Our experience is that without active involvement and hard work from those who receive help, there will be no healthy church growth.

Today we have a number of missionary projects across the globe, such as in Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa. First and foremost, this involves working with individuals and smaller groups that have shown an interest in our doctrine and preaching, however there are also larger projects where assembly halls and conference centers are built for established churches in countries with poor economies.

Many regional conference centers are now owned and run by BCC in Norway. This ensures better administration, and we believe will achieve more effective operations and administration, as well as ensuring BCC’s future use of the properties.

BrunstadTV is an important tool in BCC’s missionary work. Through the help of the traditional preaching and future-oriented technology we want to communicate and give access to the gospel so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to hear, see for themselves and personally experience the new life that Jesus preached.

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