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Finance and organization

Here you find articles that deal with BCC’s operations and finances, how we are organized, and how we work with compliance in all areas of the organization.

Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) is a publicly registered religious community and organized as a general non-profit association. All our local member churches are independent associations with their own boards.

As an association with international operations, BCC must be orderly, well-organized, and financially responsible. This enables us to create channels and meeting points for Christian preaching and instruction, both now and in the future.

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Professional development and a common vision for the organization's work
BCC is an organization in development. Over the last decades, the scope of church life and activities has increased, and continuous improvements are being made in all areas of the organization. One Saturday in November, representatives from all of Norway's 19 local churches were invited ...
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Visions for the future and stable finances
The annual representative assembly is a gathering of 125 members of BCC`s boards, leadership, and local churches from many different countries. They spend several days together focusing on important discussions, decisions, and collaboration ...
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1000 participants at BCC´s seminar
BCC sent invitations to a day-long seminar at Oslofjord Convention Center on the last day in March. Over 1000 registrees from different local fellowships participated in one or more of the eight sessions ...
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New Year's seminar for financial managers and board members
During Brunstad Christian Church´s (BCC) New Year's Conference, representatives from all the local churches were invited to a seminar, where the agenda included important information on finance, compliance and the IT solution “My Share” ...
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What makes BCC members willing to invest in Brunstad? (1)
The major expansion of Oslofjord Convention Center has not gone unnoticed, and the fact that hundreds of BCC members have put their names on future suite leasing contracts is no secret. Occasionally, one hears allegations that the church mixes business and religion at Brunstad, but ...
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Do you really need money when you are a Christian?
In the final analysis, the answer is surely «no». Or, there again «yes», for you have to have enough money for the bare necessities of life. Beyond that, you can of course live a happy life as a poor Christian man or woman ...
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A Vision for the Future
Late summer 2016 BCC’s local church in Eiker launched quite a special contest. They challenged every local church throughout the world to achieve 50% of its total donation goal by July 2017. For those who achieve this goal there will be arranged a massive feast ...
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Compliance and service in BCC
In the 2017 budget, BCC has allocated considerable sums to check and ensure that the association is working in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations ...
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Make Sure Everything is done Correctly
BCC’s activities are in constant growth, and with large sums of money in circulation it is correspondingly important to pay attention that everything is done correctly ...
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BCC takes over the ownership of foreign regional conference centers
BCC has been a driving force and a central support in regard to the establishment and operation of more than 20 regional conference centers around the world.  ...
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