Conferences in BCC

Each year Brunstad Christian Church arranges several conferences in Norway. Brunstad in Vestfold county has been BCC’s largest and most important conference center since it was purchased in 1956. Today BCC rents the center from Oslofjord Convention Centre AS, and arranges large international conferences several times a year. At these conferences members meet from all over the world.

The meeting hall at Brunstad houses 6 800 people, and the meetings are broadcasted directly via BCC’s worldwide TV channel, such that as many as possible can take part in the spiritual edification.

In addition to meetings the place also offers good facilities for physical activities and fellowship with friends from many different cultures and backgrounds. At many of the conferences such activities as sports competitions, concerts, stage shows and theme evenings, are also arranged, often with a content and focus especially directed towards children and youth.

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Konferanser i BCC