Brunstad Bible School

Brunstad Bible School is an option for Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) members, primarily youth, who want to learn more about the history of the Bible and about the church´s faith and doctrine.

Develop a foundation

The curriculum´s goal is for youth to gain an understanding of the church, develop a foundation for their future, and acquire knowledge which will help them make independent choices. Theoretical/theological and practical/group work are both part of the teaching plan.

In addition to the central subjects and language, a comprehensive cultural exchange and various electives are offered—media, sports, work with children and youth, etc.


BCC has an admissions office for the youth program YEP, where members of BCC can apply for admission to Brunstad Bible School. The semester starts in September each year and ends in June.

Students must turn 18 the calendar year they start. In addition, students should be committed to BCC’s core values and have a wish to expand and evolve their understanding of them.

Between 200 and 300 new students each year

The Bible School has classrooms, a library, study rooms, and administrative offices at Oslofjord Convention Center. Every year the school accepts 200-300 students from all over the world. 280 students were admitted in fall 2018. The students live in dormitories, and receive free room and board, in addition to a study grant which is distributed on a monthly basis. In their free time students often volunteer for various projects for BCC and its partners.

The school has a few permanent employees, as well as several others who assist in various functions at the school on a voluntary basis.

Structured teaching and custom study materials

Brunstad Bible School has is a set curriculum each week, with over 20 hours of teaching in Bible history, the Church’s faith and doctrine, faith-building, and prayer. The teaching has its academic basis in the Bible and BCC’s literature. Language ​​and other relevant subjects are taught in addition.

Bible studies at the school follow a thorough and proven education method, conveyed by knowledgeable and committed teachers. The Bible is divided into eight central themes developed by the teaching resource team.