Aunnual Report 2018 Brunstad Christian Church

From the Board


Our relatively young church covers only a short period of time in more than two thousand years of Christian history. Nevertheless, the church has prospered, growing from one man to a worldwide movement in just 120 years.

Today the church is growing steadily and active on all continents. Our organization has solid finances and our objectives are clearly reflected in everything we do. Our Christian purpose is our main motivation, and we look forward to the continuation of our work and accomplishments in 2019.

Our Norwegian and international churches, their members, and other donors once again displayed their enthusiasm for giving in 2018. There was a high level of enthusiasm, fellowship, and cooperation between local churches in the final stretch of what has been a decade-long donation drive from members around the world.

In this annual report, we wish to put the development of the organization in perspective in order to create a better understanding of where we come from and where we are going.

Considerable interest in BCC’s message

BCC has used websites and social media to convey the Christian message for many years. For over 60 years, we have held international conferences for an increasing number of members. We experience increasing interest from people on the Internet, and thousands of young members wish to attend our conferences. Not only do they attend for games and activities, but also for the faith-strengthening gatherings.

This motivates us and is a catalyst for new thinking in BCC. For this reason BCC also has long-term objectives for developing tools and arenas for distribution of Christian content, something which of course is expensive, but which we consider to be critical in achieving our objectives.

A community with equal opportunities for everyone

It is important for us that all members, regardless of life situation and financial status, can participate in the organization’s wide range of activities. Therefore, members are not required to pay dues or fees to hear the gospel or participate in large parts of church life. Common expenses are covered by the community through donations and voluntary work.

Thanks to everyone who makes BCC to what we are

We want to thank all our employees and volunteers for their tremendous contributions in 2018 towards the cause that is so close to all our hearts. Employees fill key roles at BCC’s headquarters in Oslo and in missionary work around the world. In addition, we have numerous project-based employees and several hundred volunteers who contribute both before and during our conferences so that these events can be as full of content and as good as possible.

Many of these people also work hard for children and young people in their local churches, week after week throughout the year.

We hope that the annual report will be a useful tool for those seeking information about BCC, and that it can be an inspiration for other Christians and volunteer organizations pursuing their respective goals.