Input on freedom of expression

Input on freedom of expression

Last fall the Norwegian Commission for Freedom of Expression submitted its report to the Minister of Culture and Equality, Annette Trettebergstuen. It was the conclusion of two and a half years of work on section 100 of the constitution. The commission was to investigate the current situation for freedom of expression in Norway.

The report concluded that the current situation for freedom of expression is good, but there is room for improvement, especially among minorities and young people. It is open for input until 16 January 2023. January 2023.

In connection with the report’s submission in August, the minister gave a clear message to young people:

“Threats and hate speech are punishable. We cannot and must never accept this. These are matters for the police and the judiciary, and if you are exposed to it, you must report it.”

Annette Trettebergstuen for NRK in October 2022

Public discourse is mentioned in commission report

BCC Norway has provided input, which, among other things, points out the challenge posed by the link between the State and public television. As a public broadcaster, NRK has a particular responsibility to ensure that people are informed about what they are talking about. It’s called public information. NRK’s hour-long episode “God’s chosen – Smith’s friends” from 2020 resulted in a scandalous public discourse – devoid of the truth – which makes it clear there is a fundamental problem.

“Because of its access to resources, NRK has a significant impact on the formation of opinion and public information, and the consequences of NRK’s good or bad compliance with its social responsibility are huge.”

From BCC Norway’s input to the commission

The input offers suggestions regarding control mechanisms that ensure the public channel NRK treats minorities in a way that allows for real freedom of expression.