A whole church is preparing for the Easter celebrations

Young and old from the local church in Grenland have been busy in recent weeks, and everyone is preparing for a very special Easter. And while the youth are looking forward to the Easter Camp, the rest of the church has prepared a surprise.

For BCC’s fellow believers, two major events are now lining up: the youth’s Easter Camp with Brunstad Youth Club (BUK), followed by the Easter conference for BCC. When the camp opens on Saturday, staff and hundreds of volunteers have been working for months to prepare for the event.

The time leading up to the Easter Camp has also been extra exciting for the young people in the BUK local groups. On February 17, a Beta version of the computer game Bible X was launched.Here, the participants get to experience Jerusalem in the year 33 and become part of what Jesus and his disciples experienced just at this particular Easter festival.

Young people around the world have now played their way through three chapters, and next weekend all is ready for the big final, which will take place during the Easter Camp.

Biblical gaming universe

Locally in Grenland, more than 250 young people have participated, and through Bible X, gaming has become a fellowship experience for the youth groups.

The game is designed so that each group, or “unit”, has one active player at a time, while the others help to solve the tasks in the game from a mobile app.

One of the young people in Grenland who has been involved in testing Bible X, says that not only young people used to gaming, who have involved themselves:

Nearly the entire youth group are included and we have heard good feedback from both the “gamers” and those who are not. It has been a completely unique experience to be part of. In the game, you experience what it was like in Jesus’ time, and the message comes out so clearly.

Tord Olsen (20)

The game contains several film sequences where the story and message of Easter is illustrated. In addition, the topics in each chapter have been discussed in three TV broadcasts from BCC Media, where the young people have followed interesting conversations, films, and competitions.

Opening our eyes to the significance of Easter for us today

While the youth have immersed themselves in the game, the rest of the church has engaged in preparing a stage show for the final part of the Bible X project, which will be launched during the Easter Camp.

Here the young people will have a completely unique experience of Jesus’ last days in Jerusalem. Hopefully it will open their eyes to the significance of what happened this Easter, for us who are living today. I think viewers will experience the Bible story, which many of us have heard and read several times, much more vividly.

This is what Nina Solli (43) says. She is responsible for the contribution from the local church in Grenland. She doesn’t want to reveal too much in advance but can disclose that the young people will be allowed to join a time travel, to get an insight into what lies behind Jesus’ death on Calvary over 2000 years ago.

More than 2,000 volunteer hours behind the stage show

In Grenland, around 200 actors have been involved in the stage show, which has been worked on since the New Year. Last weekend there was a joint rehearsal at the church hall, and it was bustling with life; children were bursting to start the singing practice, and adults and the elderly in costumes from the year 33 were ready to rehearse acting.

“The atmosphere at the rehearsals has been totally positive. Many have expressed great joy at being able to contribute towards the young people having a very special experience at Easter”, says Nina.

Everyone from children to retirees have become involved, such as actors, singers, make-up artists, choreographers, and costume designers, to name a few. More than 2000 volunteer hours have been spent on acting and singing alone.

After two years of pandemic, Nina says that it was good for the community to have such a unifying project to work on:

“This was almost like receiving a gift, really. It has been a lot of fun to get to know each other better, across the generations. Many perhaps have had to come a little out of their comfort zone again, and it has been fun to see how this brings us together as a church.”

A historic Easter awaits

As early as Sunday, the great theme evening about Jerusalem in year 33 will take place, where the message of Easter will be conveyed in a completely unique way for the young people.

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