The Magazine: news about events and donations

The information program the Magazine has broadcast more than 100 episodes so far. This time viewers were updapted about the latest news, plans for events in 2022, and information about a test project for local donations.

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photo by Andreas Lehmann

This month’s information update from BCC was part of the three New Year’s broadcasts and was aired on December 30th. The latest developments on the world situation, with the corona pandemic and the new lockdowns in many countries, naturally characterized the content of the episode.

This is the Brunstad Magazine

The Brunstad Magazine is a monthly information and inspiration broadcast for the members and fellow believers in BCC. The TV program has its finger on the pulse of church life, and conveys the latest news about key projects, finances and organization to viewers on all continents.

This is how events next year will be more predictable

Johannes Schmechel from BCC Media and Peter Tischhauser from BCC Event were among the guests in the studio.

  • Despite the complicated world situation, the BCC Federation wants to stay ahead and have predictability for their participants and organizations when they are planning events for the next half year.
  • BCC Event and BCC Media will for now keep open the possibility for both online and physical events, but have clear deadlines for making a final decision. 
  • BCC Media has a clear task to convey the gospel and the message regardless of circumstances, but leader Johannes Schmechel encourages local churches to take responsibility for planning well going forward, and making sure that good experiences are planned for the local members in case events have to be cancelled.
BCC Event has set clear deadlines for planning how the events this spring will play out.

Financial pilot project: volunteering and donations

Tore E. Aslaksen from the BCC-Federation’s secretariat and Vegar Kronstad, board member of the local church in Drammen, were also among the guests in the studio. 

  • In the summer of 2021 the Assembly of Representatives decided to work on a new revenue model for covering the costs in local churches and the BCC Federation. The goal is to secure a fair distribution of the financial burden, both locally and between churches in the Federation, said Tore Aslaksen.
  • It is recommended that members of local churches contribute with an equal percentage of their income to cover basic costs, instead of distribution based on recommended amounts. The percentage should be a recommendation to ensure that the budget is balanced, but what each individual member decides to contribute will continue to be completely voluntary.
  • This new model is now being tested in three Norwegian churches: Oslo Follo, Molde and Drammen. These churches have undergone a thorough budget process this fall. Amongst other things, they have calculated the recommended percentage members should contribute in order to be along in covering costs. This followed an anonymous survey regarding income that was completed by the members. The percentage varies according to the local churches’ level of activity and the local budget, but is somewhere between 8-10% of income.
  • Based on the experiences of the pilot churches, a final model will be worked out, which will be considered by the Assembly of Representatives this summer, so that each church can start to use the model in 2023.
Tore E. Aslaksen from the BCC Federations secretariat (on the left) and Vegar Kronstad from the local church in Drammen. Photo: BCC