Do you wonder what BCC represents?

A lot has happened in BCC in recent years, and we have put in place an international structure for the church. Welcome to our new website.

On this site, you can browse through a historical timeline and get an overview of how the church started small in 1898, and has since become internationally widespread.

Under organization you can read how the structure of the federation, which has been in the process of establishment since 2020, marks the beginning of a new era. This is to ensure that the church has a solid organizational framework for our international activities, so that the preaching and the practice of the faith have the best conditions for continued growth for future generations.

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Several of our focus areas, which are still in the establishment phase, will have integrated websites which will show how they contribute towards fulfilling the objective. Together with the BCC Federation website, they will provide insight into how we work to reach out with the message to those who want to hear, learn, and do what Jesus has commanded. This requires an inner power, and a life which gives value to each individual and to the society as a whole. That is what we want to talk about.

We want the site to be the place to go to find the latest news from BCC, and that both members and others who are interested in our activities can find answers to the questions they are wondering about here.

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The content is continually evolving, so please get in touch if you have suggestions for improvements!

Youth camp, summer 2021.