BCC renews its graphic design

Exciting changes are taking place in the BCC organization these days. Our new logo is one way we are marking these changes.

By Anne Lea K. Nielsen

BCC has taken comprehensive steps to organize the church as an international federation, so that the church’s operations can be carried out in a good way for all future. We are working to fulfill the mission that Jesus gave us, in the same spirit in which our founder Johan Oscar Smith worked 100 years ago.

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BCC is the only Norwegian church with an international reach, and is spread over more than 50 countries, on all continents. Up until today BCC has members and cooperating organizations all over the world, without common legal structures.

“We have begun a major restructuring project to establish an international federation in line with how other international churches have organized themselves”, says Berit Hustad Nilsen.

She is the communications director for BCC and points out that the restructuring will equip the church for the next 50 years, so that the units will be bound together by the federation’s beliefs and objectives.

To come up with a common graphic expression which our employees and members can recognize themselves in and be proud of, many employees have worked together. The logo will gradually come into use over the autumn, and the local churches will also use the new logo as they are admitted as member organizations of the federation.

The updated logo is the first step in a larger process of finding our way forward with regards to which name and concepts the federation will focus on for the future.

“We take it seriously when we say that we want to reach the whole world with the message of Christianity, and if we are going to realize that vision, we need to be well-organized and have a clear profile for the content we produce”, says Hustad Nilsen.