Days of celebration for children – see photos here

The last two days have been set up for a children’s celebration throughout the whole area at Oslofjord Convention Center, with colorful balloons, party banners and music. On the outdoor stage, the children heard short and inspiring presentations about faith adapted for a young age group. Here you can see pictures from two sunny activity days.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo: Jeanette Clausen/Carina Clausen

The children buzz with excitement as they find a place to sit at the tables to watch the first event, a new broadcast from the online Sunday school program. Ahead of them is a day filled with a good message, games, competitions and smaller surprises along the way.

We are excited to follow along with the children’s days kick-off. The first event was an online Sunday school, broadcast on the local screen and to children around the world. Photo: BCC

“Today is the children’s summer day,” says the host, and announces the exciting activities to be experienced in the next two days:

  • A new episode from online Sunday school
  • A children’s concert with singing and dancing from local churches’ children’s choirs
  • Activities and games around the conference center
Volunteer mentors helped make the day extra special for the children. Photo: BCC

There are youth and adult volunteers who help produce a fantastic day for the children. They work in the competition booths, on the TV crew or as mentors for activity groups.

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Thankfulness as a theme: a message that also children can understand

The Sunday school theme was thankfulness, and featured music and animated films about Paul. The episode was broadcast in over 20 languages to children all over the world. Watch the episode here: