Work-party: enabling everyone to be along at the Summer Camp

«Dugnad» (voluntary work) is a well-known term in Norway – something churches and associations are familiar with. Brunstad Youth Club (BUK) have exported this concept, and last weekend was an international voluntary workday, with activities, festivities, and an online broadcast for youth all over the world. In the North Amerika, they call it a “work-party”.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by BCC/privat

Just like in many other clubs and associations, voluntary work is a key part of offering good activities for the members in Brunstad Ungdomsklubb (BUK). By this, everyone gets the same opportunity to contribute to both activities and camps, regardless of their financial situation. Many also find that work-parties create a sense of belonging and joy for the youth, who are learning to contribute both for their own benefit and for the group as a whole.

Last weekend, young believers throughout the world were poised for an International Work Party Day, in which each group worked locally to finance the up-coming Summer Camp in July.

The Work Party Day also had local summer activities and fellowship lined up. Lots of people had prepared a lovely setting for the day, with great food, competitions, and a Summer party to follow a few hours of work in the morning.

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In the evening there was a festive broadcast, in which youth groups from many countries followed along. It had edification and music, and several youth groups around the world had sent in pictures and videos. A diverse range of nations, languages, and smiling young people sent in greetings from a day rich in content with their friends.

“Here, we call “dugnad” a work-party”

Denzel Taves (21) from Vancouver is one of the participants from the west coast of Canada:

“Here in North America, we call “dugnad” a work-party, and that’s what it feels like. We had a really nice day with the whole youth group, and it was just so cool to see all the happy faces”, he says.

Smiling faces in Vancouver: The youth worked together to finance the Summer Camp that’s coming in July. Photo: private

In Vancouver there were various tasks to be done in the sunshine, followed by a delicious dinner in the evening. The TV broadcast also included information for the youth about what they can expect at the camp that is coming up in the next few weeks.

“Today, we’ve all been working for the same goal: the Summmer Camp, and it was inspiring to see the commitment of the other clubs. I think many of the younger youth experienced what fun it is to work together for a common goal, and give their time with joy. Actually, I think this will give us life-long memories”, Denzel says.

“We also got really encouraged in our faith when we gathered later in the evening. I’m really looking forward to following the Summer Camp, with all the other youth from around the world, no matter what the distance is between us”.

Denzel (right) describing a great work-party day in the sun, followed by an evening of great food, edification and fellowship. (Private photo)

Summer Camp coming up

“Many keen and diligent people have put in an enormous effort to give the younger ones good experiences over the past year, and this camp is no exception. I think the Summer Camp is going to be the highlight this year for those taking part, wherever they live”, says Peter Tischhauser, manager in BUK.

During in the next six weeks BUK will be ready to kick off the great Summer Camp. This year, it will be taking place at different places in the world. Even though many things are still uncertain regarding the re-opening after corona, development are followed closely, in order to make necessary adjustments.

Regardless of what happens, expectations are high for the camp. There will be online broadcasts and input from several continents, where youth will be gathering, as according to restrictions permit.

From Summer Camp 2019. In a few weeks, there will be activities and Christian fellowship, both via online broadcasts and at various locations around the world. Photo: BCC.