The May episode of the Brunstad Magazine was marked by the desire many have to be able to meet for conferences again. For BCC, conferences are a central part of church life, and digital solutions cannot fully replace meeting each other in person.

By: Berit H. Nilsen – Photo: Øystein Vårdal/BCC Media

The broadcast began with an audio excerpt from Aksel J. Smith (1910-1998), in which he read from Jesus’ priestly prayer in John 17:21. “That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent me.” The main part of the broadcast was inspired by this opening theme of unity and community in church work. When an individual gains a connection with Jesus, who is the head of the church, he also learns to keep the commandments He gave us. Those who walk on the way Jesus opened have fellowship with one another and become more unified.

Other key topics from this month’s broadcast included:

BCC’s establishment as an international federation is progressing
When BCC organizes itself as an international federation in the coming years, what has been until now a spiritual community with no formal legal structure, will have a new organizational structure. . BCC’s Assembly of Representatives adopted this model, and the new structure is similar to how other international faith communities are organized.

Formally linking together the churches worldwide is key for future investments in mission work and church building. This will give churches better opportunities to develop mission work, both internally in established communities, and spread the gospel further to other people around the world.

Future generations at BCC conferences

A new consumer cooperative has been established, in order to manage and maintain contracts for members who wish to attend the church’s events and conferences at Oslofjord Convention Center in the future. Accordingly, there is one unit that manages and hold the contracts for everyone. Several generations of members worldwide have been enthusiastic and prioritized travel to BCC’s conferences, with many investing in 20 or 50-year time-share agreements to secure their accommodation.

Now, future generations will also have the opportunity, and in this connection a product has been developed that supports a good practice of getting a head start financially. The first launch of Samvirk is to offer everyone aged 18-26 a savings program, where they can save to their own account in the cooperative. All that you save will go towards your accommodations at the conferences or events you wish to participate in. As long as there is interest in attending conferences and events in BCC, steps will be made to ensure that there is enough accomodations. So far, there has been a need for two recurring summer conferences, and if there is a need for more in the future, BCC will consider this.

Two representatives presented new opportunities for young people at BCC’s events in the future. Photo: BCC Media

Further plans for the BCC conferences in 2021
It is still challenging to plan upcoming conferences due to the corona pandemic. The government has launched a step-by-step reopening plan, and more and more people have been vaccinated both in Norway and other countries. Still, it is uncertain when it will be possible to have large gatherings again.

Planning continues regardless, and the friends will be together again as soon as it becomes possible. The longing and expectations only increase, and while we wait, an older Brunstad song was brought back. With pleasant conference pictures on the LED screen, it was sung to the fullest about how much we look forward to seeing what is for us “the world’s best place” during our international conferences at Brunstad.

Oslofjord Convention Center is open this summer as planned, and facilitates a safe hotel stay for everyone who wants to use their hotel agreements, but of course refers everyone to follow infection control rules that apply in their relevant municipality.

Until it becomes possible to meet again, BCC plans to continue with online broadcasts. The first big online conference will be at Pentecost, where, among other things, the spring mission feast will be held. In  the broadcast, we saw an exciting teaser for this. Leading up to the mission feast, the semi-annual fund raiser is carried out, and everyone is encouraged to contribute according to desire and ability.

The next information broadcast from The Brunstad Magazine will be during the summer conference.

The memories flooded in when an older “Brunstad song” was performed, and we are looking forward being able to gather again. Photo: BCC Media