From child to youth: A new TV series for older children

The children’s conference was replaced this summer with online children’s transmissions, and the contents of the children’s meetings were directed towards the oldest children in Sunday school. A new TV series from BrunstadTV puts thoughts and feelings into words that older children often have, while giving inspiration to find answers and make good choices.

By Ulrikke Andresen – Photo by Madelén Fjeld

Normally the children’s conference has taken place in a packed hall with thousands of eager children. It’s traditionally been an eventful program with games and learning, and themes from the Bible conveyed through plays, films, songs and dancing.

During BCC’s online conference this summer, two children’s transmissions and an activity session has been sent for children. Additional ideas and suggestions for activities that can be done with family and friends, wherever people are around the world, have been posted online.

“I miss being in the center and experiencing the children’s conference with my friends, but it is nice to see the transmissions on TV with my family too”, says Ida Lin Baumann (13).

Ida Lin is the main actor in the new TV series, «God’s Children», and the first two episodes premiered during the online transmissions during the conference. This is one of several program elements as a children’s sending typically consists of films, music, and short messages. The children can be better acquainted with Jesus, and other important figures from the Bible, and hear more about how God’s word can help in many situations.

The character Andrea (played by Ida Lin) finds advice in her children’s Bible. Photo: BrunstadTV


Swipe right  to see pictures from the children’s program (photo: BCC):


Making good choices gives lifelong direction

“The oldest in Sunday school, those between 11 and 12 years, are an important target group. They are at an age where they begin to experience new feelings, and life can feel complicated. Children at this age now have to choose for themselves, to a greater degree than before, what they want”, says Trine Sandersen, director in BrunstadTV.

“In this age, as they are becoming young people, and hopefully we can help them in this phase. They have many choices ahead, and we want to help by inspiring them choose a safe and good direction for their lives, continues Trine.

These are the first transmissions for children  that focus on this particular age group, and the new series, «God’s Children», was shown for the first time.


See the first episode of «God’s Children» which is the first part of the Sunday school program here:


In the series we become better acquainted with the character Andrea through everyday situations and thoughts she has, and follow her as she makes her choices along the way.

“I think many can recognize themselves in Andrea. Everybody has bad days sometimes. That’s why it’s good to show it, and see at the same time that problems can be solved”, says Ida Lin.

A number of young people were along in the transmissions, and came with advice and experiences, as well as contributing to the songs and music. Photo: BCC


The children’s Bible becomes useful again

In the first episode Andrea is sitting in her bedroom after a tough day. She randomly leafs through her old children’s Bible that she has lying around. She reads the parables of Jesus and reflects on what they mean for her, and how they can help in the difficulties she is experiencing.

Trine says there are several thoughts behind the theme and message in this series:

“Without showing exactly what is happening in her life we are putting a lot of emphasis on what is happening inside. We try to put words into thoughts and feelings, and at the same time show a way out of the problems”, says Trine


See the second episode of «God’s Children» here:


Young people as inspiration

To give it an extra appeal to the oldest children, a number of young people were invited to participate in the children’s transmissions, both to share advice and experiences, and with songs and music.

“For this age group young people can better hit the target with what they convey. They are role models, which is why I think it makes an extra impression on the oldest children to receive encouragement from them”, says Trine.

Ida Lin looks forward to being a part of the youth group going forward. She has big expectations for being a participant in Brunstad Youth Club’s online Summer Camp, where she will participate with other young people in her local youth club.

During the children’s transmissions songs and music are an important part of the program, with contributions from both young people and children. Photo: BCC


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