The celebration of Pentecost in BCC

The transmissions during Pentecost were streamed live, directly from BCC’s studio this year. The first thing on the agenda was the mission’s event arranged by the local church in Sandefjord, Norway. It was an excellent start to the weekend of Pentecost, and was followed by an informative transmission in the evening.

By Ulrikke Andresen / Photo by Lidiya Lukashuk

Volunteers from the local church in Sandefjord, Norway put in a fantastic effort with the preparations for the mission’s event. Over 15,000 volunteer hours have been put in behind the scenes starting before the summer of last year. The mission’s event was an inspiring and edifying event online where over 8000 members followed directly from their own homes.

The main focus of the event was the salvation that Jesus brought and the possibilities it has given all of mankind without exception. Films, animations, music, and speeches gave inspiration to return the love Jesus has shown us, and to follow after him on the way he opened for us.

We experience huge participation and enthusiasm from our members both with monetary gifts and voluntary efforts to fulfill the vision of the church: that all people can get an opportunity to hear the Gospel and come to a life of discipleship to Jesus. Before and during the drive the monetary gifts that were given came to a total of over 15 million Norwegian kroner given from members worldwide.

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Inspiration and information for members

Later in the evening BrunstadMagasinet was sent, for members, with an inspiring start where the theme was about becoming a driving force. We have many examples in the Bible of men and woman who believed in God and put into action His will on earth. Today there is also a need for enthusiastic men and woman who will do something for God’s kingdom.

In addition there was information about upcoming projects. It was especially interesting to hear more about plans for this summer now that we can’t meet together for a summer conference like normal.

Preparations have begun for a varied and diverse program that is internationally inclusive so that all viewers will feel they are a part of the online summer program. Photo: BCC


Since each individual country has different guidelines for the number of people that can meet in an assembly, and there is still strict travel restrictions in many countries, the whole summer program will be planned on BCC Online. BCC is preparing a varied and diverse program that will be internationally inclusive so that no matter where you are on the globe you will feel that you are a part of the online summer program.

Local churches over the whole world will participate in the arrangement with live transmissions from different locations or by sharing pictures, films, and messages via the BrunstadTV app. During the arrangement there will be faith strengthening messages for young and old. Plus there will be activity packages for families that can be done wherever you are.

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