Equipping the association for the future

The Christian purpose is at the heart of all the work done in BCC. Our motivation is found in the Bible’s message, and this creates a driving force that has resulted in extensive business.

This article was first published in the BCC annual report for 2018. Read the annual report here.

The Christian purpose is the core of all work in BCC. We are motivated by the message in the Bible, creating energy resulting in comprehensive activity. In 2018 the focus was on channelling activities into clearly defined areas of work to ensure more efficient operations. Each of BCC’s four operational areas has its own budget, strategy, and management.

Through good organization, we are continually working on improvement in all areas. This will also help solidify our future as a sound, efficient church community.

Financial administration and accounting

BCC aspires to have transparent finances. We want church members and others to see how funds are used and how BCC administers its resources.

In 2018 we took a step in the right direction when we began working on transition to activity-based accounting, which will be put into effect in 2019. This means that from 2019, BCC will adopt the optional accounting standard “Good Accounting Practice for Non-Profits” and all BCC’s local churches have received specific recommendations to follow this standard.

BCC was rated in 2018 by Bisnode, Dun & Bradstreet, and given the best possible credit rating – AAA.

High level of activity requires greater focus on compliance

BCC is evolving as an organization and has experienced enormous support from its members. We are therefore doing all we can to think long-term and ensure a viable, wellfunctioning organization that can continue its charitable activities into the future.

In recent decades, the scope of church life and activities has increased, and this means increased finances within the association. This presents both an interesting challenge and great responsibility for management and operations.

When activity levels are high and operations extensive, everyone must be conscious of working in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. For several years BCC has had a separate department to work with compliance and internal control, also in relation to local churches affiliated with BCC.

Board Member, Finn Åge Ødegård, is responsible for the work with compliance and intern control in BCC. Photo from a seminar for the local churches.


We conduct workshops and seminars with local churches, so they remain informed and updated regarding regulations, good business practices, and applicable rules and regulations.

BCC has previously developed guidelines for the local churches in accounting, donations, taxes, and volunteer work. The local churches are updated regularly on key issues that require continuing education, training and counselling.

BCC Service Center

BCC has established BCC Service Center to assist churches with their own local projects. The Service Center helps organize, inspire, and ensure an efficient functioning church, both centrally and locally. The principal areas of assistance fall under the following categories:

• Finance

• Organization

• Legal

• Membership structure

BCC Service Center supports local churches with good systems, routines and building of competense, which will contribute to effective and secure church operations. Photo: BCC

Information and communication

We use websites and social media to disseminate information to members and to the public. Anyone who is interested can find an abundance of information about BCC, the local churches, and our affiliated organizations. Annual reports and financial statements from previous years can also be found here. BCC wishes to publish interesting and correct information and is proud of what we do. For this reason, we publish weekly articles on the website bcc.no and regularly update Facebook and Instagram.

On several occasions during the past few years, BCC has observed that incorrect information has about our activities has been spread either through ignorance and prejudice, or in some cases because of smear campaigns. It is both unfortunate and unfair for our members if an incorrect picture of BCC is accepted as truth in the public eye. Consequently, we put a lot of effort into distributing correct information. BCC appreciates those who check their sources critically, to help limit or prevent the spread of false or distorted information and to refute errors.