After a year of dialog and exchange, BCC expressed a wish to become part of The Christian Council of Norway. On 20. November 2019, the board approved our application for observer status.

By Berit H. Nilsen

“We have had good, respectful talks where we have gained a mutual understanding of the work that is being done by the many Christians in Norway,” says Harald Kronstad, the representative from BCC.

On behalf of BCC, Harald Kronstad, Trond Eriksen, Berit H. Nilsen and Kåre J. Smith participated in talks over the past year. Erhard Hermansen, Ivar Granum and Rolf Ekenes have participated on behalf of the Christian Council of Norway.

“During the past year, Brunstad Christian Church has had several conversations and dialogues with the Norwegian Christian Council, including questions on theology and ecumenism. These have been good conversations characterized by mutual respect and interest in getting to know each other better,” says Secretary General Erhard Hermansen of the Council.

BCC has initially applied for observer status to get better acquainted with the organization. The plan is to eventually apply for regular membership.

“We have appreciated becoming acquainted with the representatives we have met with and are now looking forward to getting to know more of the member churches” says Kronstad.

For BCC, the collaboration with the Christian Council of Norway means that we can learn from other Christian organizations and remove unnecessary barriers between our communities. We also believe that BCC may have something to add when it comes to, for example, working with children and young people. Together, we stand stronger to ensure that Christian values ​​can still be relevant in Norwegian society.

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From one of our meetings at BCC’s main office at Ryen. Photo by BCC