Here is the plan for BCC’s conferences in 2019

International conferences are an important part of BCC`s work with spreading the Christian message around the world. These events are constantly under development, and this weekend members were informed of the conference setup and dates for 2019.  

By Johanne Reiersrud – Photos by Adelle Cheetham

For over 60 years, Brunstad Christian Church has had its gathering place at Brunstad in Vestfold. All of BCC’s conferences are organized in order to support its primary activity: to proclaim the Christian gospel to all nations, and teach them to stay true to what Jesus commanded. The mainstays – faith, hope, and love – are central to all teachings and work in the church.

The events at Brunstad are planned to best serve church members, and at the same time make optimal use of Oslofjord’s facilities. For this reason, improvements and updates are continually implemented by BCC. This month’s Brunstad Magazine, an information program for members on BrunstadTV, featured information on next year’s conference plans.

Thorough evaluation makes for better events

Efforts were made to improve the conference experience summer of 2018, and a follow-up consumer questionnaire asked attendees to rate what they liked and what could be better. Feedback showed that most were happy with the revitalization of the conference program, and at the same time, made suggestions for improvements.

The 2000 responses from members have been evaluated, and BCC Events will apply the best and most relevant ones in 2019.

2019’s circular calendar for all BCC and Brunstad Youth Club events, tailored to different target groups. Illustration: BCC  


CEO Vegar Kronstad and BCC Events manager Lise Larsen explained the comprehensive development efforts behind next year’s conference program. They are responsible for keeping the events’ budget balanced, an achievement they hope to make in 2019. “We work hard on event finances. We are extremely focused on keeping costs down, so that all members who wish to participate can continue to do so,” said Kronstad.

“Our aim is that all members who wish to participate in our conferences, are able to do so,” says CEO Vegar Kronstad. Photo: BCC

Participant packages will enhance the conference experience

Lise Larsen continued by mentioning that one of the new additions in 2019 will be a “basic package” included in registration for the conferences. This package will include more than previously, and will be tailored to different age and target groups. “We have worked on developing the conference program and basic package in such a way that it combines meetings and edification with fellowship and simple refreshments,” she said.

The different conference programs are set up to reflect their different target groups. The goal is that children, youth, adults, and elderly alike will be welcome, feel cared for, and have the chance to gather around the Christian faith.

A new model distributes participants more evenly between two summer conferences

The news of the year is that the two summer conferences will have a more even distribution of participants. Norwegians have made up the majority of visitors to the first conference, and the conference in August has had fewer participants. BCC has now invited multiple local churches to participate at the conference in August, amongst them more Norwegian churches than previously.

Events manager Larsen emphasized that the grouping is a recommendation, and that individual members can register for the conference they prefer if the specified placement doesn`t work for them. “By arranging two equal conferences, we hope to provide an equally satisfactory experience for all participants from the whole world,” underlines Kronstad. “They come to hear a life-transforming message and have fellowship with Christian friends, so we have to make sure to facilitate everything as well as possible.”

BCC`s events department manager reveals how the conference year has been planned to optimize visitors` stay and involvement. Photo: BCC

Vacation extension

Opportunity for a vacation extension before or after events is definitely an option for members. This is not included in the conference package, but must be covered separately by interested parties.

Dates for the summer conferences in July and August, with recommended distribution of different local churches. Illustration: BCC