The end of an eventful year at Brunstad Bible School

On a warm summer evening, all of Brunstad Bible School`s 260 students gathered for a farewell weekend together with the other groups in BCC`s Youth Program. Commemoration of this school year included celebration and activities on Norway`s coastal archipelago.

By Nora Risnes – Photo: Randi Hutt 

The weekend began with a fabulous celebration on Friday evening. The different YEP groups were overjoyed to see one another again, as we gathered to celebrate the end of our year at Brunstad Bible School. All of the teachers and other volunteers who have worked with us young people throughout the year were also together with us for the weekend.

Evening festivities with a look back and thoughts for the future

The evening’s varied program became an unforgettable goodbye celebration. Among other things, we heard about how we can be good mentors and team players when we are back at home and in our local churches. The message was conveyed through speeches, music, and a panel discussion on stage.

One of several songs performed by the Brunstad Bible School’s Choir. Photo: BCC

There was also time for looking back and expression of thankfulness for everything that’s happened and all that we’ve learned this last year. We’ve experienced so much and have made friends for life. We’re inspired to spread the same goodness and warmth that we’ve met here when we come home.

A show finale from YEP`s informal talent competition was performed later in the evening.  Entries revealed genuine skills. Dance, memory games, and harmonica were a few of the things presented on stage. A look back at previous rounds and competitors was also shown before Maddy the dancer took first place.

Happy applause when the winner of the night’s talent show was announced by jury member Gershon Twilley. Photo: BCC

Activity day on the coastal archipelago

Saturday morning, the buses were waiting. Everyone boarded and our course was set for Risøya, one Norway`s island pearls. Many different outdoor activities—from diving and golf to ax throwing and darts—were available. It was an unforgettable day with something for everyone and fantastic weather to boot. The sun was high in the sky from our arrival to our departure, which made conditions perfect.

Idyllic, sunny conditions on Risøya for the many activities planned for the young people. Photo: BCC

The entire space needs to be utilized in order to fit 400 young people in one photo. Photo: BCC

We also attempted to take a group picture of everyone on Risøya that day. It isn`t a simple task to take pictures of nearly 400 young people, but the result wasn`t half bad.

A year of lifelong memories

At dusk we gathered by the main house on the island. Some of the teachers from the Bible School held an interesting panel discussion, encouraging us even more. Among other things, we were challenged to be useful and inspirational for the people we encounter when we go home.

Bjørn Nilsen, one of the teachers who has made the year at Bible School so educational and interesting, shared life experience and Bible knowledge on this evening as well. Photo: BCC

The final gathering of the Bible School was nostalgic, yet excellent. Photo: BCC

For those of us gathered on Risøya that day, it was both sad and hard to realize that the end of our year at Brunstad Bible School is at hand.

I remember well how excited I was when I came to Bible School last year. After having lived, studied, and worked as a volunteer with so many wonderful young people every day for almost a year, it will be very strange going home to reality. We`ve made so many friends and memories we will never forget!

I want to thank everyone who works with BCC`s Youth Program, and everyone who has been involved this year. I cannot begin to describe how much it means!

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One of many group pictures taken on an unforgettable closing weekend. Photo: BCC