Creative Ideas and Constructive Criticism Open New Possibilities

What happens when over 80 of BCC’s local churches get involved and deliver with new ideas?  One could say, a sea of possibilities, and not entirely without criticism of the current execution of BCC’s international conferences and events.       


Text: Berit H. Nilsen Photo: Randi J. Hutt

As previously reported here on this webpage, there is a current Global Idea Workshop being arranged by Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) to get feedback on how future events can be improved.  All of BCC’s local churches worldwide were invited, and we’re already seeing exciting results.  There has been intense idea development, and when the deadline passed on the 15th of December, there were over 700 new ideas from 80 different localities.

Constructive criticism allows for change

During the informational TV program “Brunstad Magazine” at BCC’s New Year’s conference there was a short summary of the current results. Ideas have come in that can lead to changes in the current event form, and the whole broadcast began with a film that showed the need for changes in a humorous way.  An international choir followed up with a song about their thankfulness for the pioneers who have worked at Brunstad before us, and about the faith we have in the future. The Global Idea Workshop has opened existing solutions up for internal critique, but at the same time given an extensive range of new ideas and innovations.

An international Choir opened the Magazine with a brand new and enthusiastic song. Photo: BCC

Four of BCC’s local churches were challenged to present their best idea, with the plan for concrete implementation already during the 2018 summer conference.

Diverse and International Dining Options

To great enthusiasm from the approximate 6000 audience members in the hall, David Engle from Copenhagen presented an idea for a ‘Street Food’ concept. He announced that in addition to Copenhagen there are 35 other churches with ideas for an international cuisine concept, making this something they believe will be a success.  He suggested that in addition to Danish sausage there will be spicy Thai, Spanish tapas, Italian tortellini and British fish & chips, sparking excitement far beyond the Danish members of the audience.

David Engle presenting Copenhagen`s “Street Food” Idea. Photo: BCC

Late Night option for those who don’t go to bed at 10:00pm

The next presenter was Hans G. Bertelsen, from the local church in Oslo/Follo.  He eagerly presented the idea of offering evening activities for those who like to stay up late, and for youth who often have nothing to do after the day’s normal conference program is over.

By providing comfortable places to gather, they want to establish a location for good company and secure boundaries, late into the night.  He noted that not everyone goes to bed at 10:00pm, generating laughter from the hall. The local church from Oslo Follo sees the possibility of offering a new and exciting concept that is especially targeted at young people.

The Norwegian representative had a firm belief in the ”Late Night” concept, an idea from the local church in Oslo/Follo. Photo: BCC

New friendships are a win-win

23-year-old Naomi van Oord from Melbourne, Australia launched ‘’Brunstad Buddy,’’ an idea that arose from the needs of long-distance guests at Brunstad.  They wish to ensure that visitors coming to the international conferences for the first time will receive a contact person as a guide who will include them at activities, meals, and social events during the conference.

Even though this originally started with those traveling from far away, the idea was presented as a win-win concept, giving both Norwegians and Europeans a chance to form new international friendships, and perhaps at the same time a chance to learn something useful from other countries and cultures.

Naomi from Australia presented the idea of “Brunstad Buddy” for new, international friendships. Photo: BCC

Children should be allowed to use their energy

Bjørn Sigurd Bratlie, reporting for the church in Exter, Germany, presented the idea of creating a Junior Club with activities for children between the ages of 8 and 12. He pointed out that often this age group doesn’t fit in on activities for younger children and youth. However, they have a lot of energy, and this making it important they have their own activities and a good experience during their conference stay.

It’s quite possible that during the 2018 summer conference, Exter will create a Junior Club for this age group with a stage, activities such as Henna tattoos, Multitouchable, Kicker, FIFA-games, painting, table tennis, and a dance competition.

Children from Exter pay full attention to the plans of a new”Junior Club” at Brunstad. Photo: BCC

Big Expectations for the 2018 BCC Summer Conference

We believe the expectations for the 2018 BCC summer conference increased after this information broadcast, and BCC will, in cooperation with local churches, continue planning for the year’s largest international conference.

We are excited in seeing how huge international participation will affect conferences in the future.  The goal of the Global Idea Workshop was precisely that events should provide a better overall experience for all international participants. And for now, it points strongly in that direction.

Realization of concepts in the interim, but also looking forward

The Global Idea Workshop continues, and all the incoming ideas are duly sorted and categorized for further processing, both with the plan of early implementation of concepts falling within existing frameworks, but also as a contribution to the long-term strategy of BCC’s future events. will follow the project and update our readers as the process continues further.

The audience recieved both inspirational information and entertainment in the Brunstad Magazine, sent from the conference hall at Oslofjord Convention Center. Photo: BCC