Compliance and service in BCC

In the 2017 budget, BCC has allocated considerable sums to check and ensure that the association is working in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

By: Brunstad Christian Church

One of BCCs fundamental values is living righteously. This is a natural part of our desire to be good, contributing citizens. For this reason, BCCs focus is that both the organization and personal involvement complies with applicable laws and regulations.

Personal participation and contribution to BCC is voluntary. Such activities are partly unregulated, and in some areas the legal basis is unclear. Despite this, BCC wishes to make sure that we do what we can to ensure compliance. These responsibilities are coordinated and monitored by the Board as part of the organization of BCC.

Seminars, advice and guidance

As part of this work BCC is preparing clear internal guidelines for compliance with regulations that can apply to BCCs activities. These are not exhaustive for all areas, and are revised regularly according to legal developments, and if it becomes necessary due to changes in BCCs operations or activities. BCC will in 2017 also provide guidance and training to BCCs local churches with information meetings and seminars. BCC has a clear expectation that the local churches follow up these policies and implement them locally. In BCCs experience such training engages our members, especially those with firsthand knowledge of the challenges that form the backdrop for working with compliance. This helps to maintain a strong focus on compliance with regulations at the local level. However, it is clear that BCC initially only has an advisory role in relation to local churches, as these are responsible for actual compliance with applicable regulations themselves.

Assistance from consultants with expertise

Moreover, for a number of years BCC has regularly obtained the assistance of external experts within legal and financial professions. Along with BCCs internal compliance function, a cost of about NOK 2.5 million has been budgeted for 2017. This is a relatively large amount for a relatively small NGO, and may appear disproportionate. Nevertheless, to promote BCCs values, as mentioned above, we have chosen to use significant resources in this area.