A trip to the mountains for the seniors

Although we get older, there are many opportunities to be both active and social. Recently more than 40 seniors went on a trip to the mountains in Hallingdal, Norway. Activities and good conversation were part of the program.

By: Per Østmoen – Photo: Åse Budak

24 seniors from BCC’s church in Eiker were on the bus as it headed towards Liatoppen lodge in Ål. Everyone was ready for a weekend of activities and fellowship with friends.

After a break at Bromma the seniors made a beeline to Liatoppen. Although “beeline” probably is a somewhat misleading expression, especially for the last few kilometers with sharp bends and turns on the slopes of Liagrenda. But the bus driver must be commended for his quiet and considerate driving, also with respect to other road users!

Arriving at the cozy mountain hotel, the friends from Eiker were met by 17 seniors from the local churches in Hønefoss and Valdres. For those who already knew each other, there was a lot of joy in seeing each other again, and warm handshakes were shared with those they maybe had not met before.

Some of the party enjoying the fresh mountain air

Activities from dawn to dusk

Saturday morning the bus drove six miles (10 km.) to lake Lya. A group of seniors making an excursion offers challenges, but it was emphasized that everyone should have the opportunity to join in. So some of them got a lift on the bus, others jogged, while the rest walked part of the route. When everyone had arrived, a nice, warm chicken soup was served. Only one of the participants ventured to swim in the cold water, and of course he originally came from Bergen!

Two dedicated members of the local church in Eiker had arranged competitions, and those who wanted to join in were divided into groups and competed in several areas. It seemed that shooting with a bow and arrow was the most difficult activity. Old skills had largely been forgotten, but at least there was a lot of laughter when many missed the mark. But when a grandmother of 80 tensed her bowstring and hit bullseye, the groups applauded enthusiastically.

Seniortur Eiker
Lunch break at Lya

Creative competitions

A helping hand is always welcome

On Saturday night was a real feast with a variety of items. A film about Elias Aslaksen was shown, a dear brother whom many of the seniors remember with great gratitude. And who would think that one would discuss “the Internet” at a seniors’ outing? It was discussed that you have to be careful what you click on or look at, even when you’re elderly. There are many positive things to spend your time on, but there is also much that can break down. The evening was certainly both edifying and pleasant, and a nice end to a busy day.

Seniortur Eiker
Saturday Night in good company

Seniortur Eiker
These three cheerful ladies use the opportunity to do a bit of knitting

A copious lunch

During Sunday lunch, there was plenty of good food and edification. There were several who expressed their thankfulness for God’s way in their life – and of the friendship between the younger people and the elderly in the church. Many said that the opportunity to be together on trips like this strengthen friendships and build bonds. As one participant so poignantly said: “The fact that I have these seniors’ gatherings to look forward to helps to keep up my spirits in everyday life!”

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