Welcome to Our New Webpage

Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) is proud to be able to launch a new webpage. Here we give information about who we are, how we are organized and what we are occupied with.

We will be publishing accounts, annual reports and other news in regard to our organization, and we want to have a clear profile as a part of the Association’s and Christians´ life in Norway.

When designing the new page, we have prioritized user-friendliness and ease of navigation – in order to make our webpage effective and simple for you to use, whether you are a coworking partner, a supplier, an authority contact, a member or an employee.

Why a New Webpage?

Up until recently brunstad.org has been BCC’s official webpage. This has had a focus both on the message, mission, news and information, and we now wish to make a clearer distinction as to how we communicate the various parts.

Edifying content and focus on mission, which of course is a large part of BCC’s activity, will continue to be on the pages aktivkristendom.no and activechristianity.org. Here you can read more about our faith and doctrine.

This new page will therefore be used to present information that doesn’t primarily have a  missionary focus. We want to tell more about who we are and how we run our activities in BCC. We also want more of our members to be along in contributing to make this a dynamic and living page – so updates and changes will be appearing continuously!

We Would Like to Hear from You

Please have good look around the webpage, and give us feedback as to what you think. We are open for both criticism and praise – send it to: kontakt@bcc.no