Joy and enthusiasm

BCC has great focus on the work with children and youth. In most of our local churches Sunday School is held for children every Sunday. This entails much voluntary effort by many enthusiastic coworkers.

By: Connie Christensen

”What is the strongest animal on earth?” a forest of zealous children’s hands shoot up in the air, and many good suggestions come forth: a tiger, a lion, or perhaps a hippopotamus? The Sunday school teacher now tells about the ant which can carry 40 times its own weight. Children understand this very well when they see a picture of a big, strong daddy, carrying both the car, his wife and all the children. The Bible verse: ”Go to the ant you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise”, is read and explained. We learn that it is possible to be strong in God’s power, even though we are small, and that we can go against the laziness in our nature and be diligent like the ant.

BCC has a strong focus on children and youth. Every Sunday, Sunday School is held for children up to 13 years of age in all local churches. This entails a lot of voluntary effort by many enthusiastic coworkers in order that children can have fun together, while at the same time learning about our Christian values through bible stories and examples.

Søndagsskole i BCC

In Copenhagen, where I work in the Sunday School, we have as many as four alternatives for different age groups. The smallest under three years of age sings songs with body movements and train themselves a little bit to sit still, before they play and have fun together. In the age group 3-8 there is a lot visual teaching with film, PowerPoint and acting. The children are involved both through song and exciting activities. Children from 9-12 also use visual teaching and themselves contribute to the gatherings.

When children approach secondary school, we have a relatively new alternative, where there is special focus on their specific age group, and they are spoilt with cakes and little feasts and have time and place for good conversations on themes such as bullying, social media, and about starting at the youth meetings etc. This has proved to be an extra valuable initiative and a good preparation for the youth years that lie ahead. Here the children feel that they are seen and listened to, and begin to actively work with themselves.

Søndagsskole i BCCSøndagsskole i BCC

What is common for all age groups is that the children can thrive in secure surroundings, where responsible grown-ups know and love them and are fervently interested in doing it good for them. There is great stress on the positive values, and that the children can develop high self-esteem and experience succeeding. We want them to live and develop as happy and free people that make good choices in life.

Søndagsskole i BCC

Personally I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with children for many years, to be able to know their names and to know that I can share the joy I have received through following Jesus. One gets so much in return when one looks into those small children’s faces, which are lit up with joy and enthusiasm.