Everyday Life at the Bible School

When I first came to Brunstad Bible School, I was very excited and wondered whether this year would be what I had expected, writes Nora Risnes from Stord. She is participating in BCC’s YEP program this year.

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International Youth Group on A Winter Trip to Hallingdal

After a good Christmas-break, a new year awaits the 325 youth participating in BCC’s YEP-program in Norway. And what could be better than to start the new year with a proper winter trip in snowy Norway? Here, we experienced both Norwegian winter-sports and snowshoeing on the snow-covered mountainside.

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Brunstad Bible School with 280 New Students this Fall

«Hearty welcome! » says Bjørn Nilsen, the head teacher at Brunstad Bible School. With his deep voice and resounding laugh, he fills the whole room and immediately gets the 300 or more-young people to listen attentively. Apart from the background murmur of translators into various languages, there’s hardly a sound to be heard.

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“Around the world” in one weekend

This was the curtain for the International YEP gathering at Oslofjord Convention Center in Vestfold, when youth from all over the world assembled to an activities weekend. With Brunstad Bible School as host, 450 young people were congregated to a feast, team tasks and fellowship.

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Youth Exchange in Snowy Norway

In the beginning of March BrunstadTV traveled to its yearly winter workshop. Along in the cars that weaved their way up the twisty roads toward the mountain lodge on Liatoppen, were young people of eight different nationalities, that are taking part in BCC’s international Youth Exchange Program.

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Brunstad Bible School for youth

Over the course of many years, young people who have participated in BCC’s youth program, YEP, have been given the option of attending courses in languages, culture and Bible knowledge. To fortify these options BCC has created a Bible college with a comprehensive syllabus and set weekly curriculum.

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