The Translators in the Amazon

While many thousands are gathered at Brunstad in Norway to the Summer Conference, there are even more around the world, sitting and following along via BrunstadTV. The message is translated to 17 languages, and in the Amazon in Brazil, a zealous translation team is sitting and translating the transmissions to Portuguese.

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Easter’s Great Youth Happening

The team behind Easter Camp 2017 are really getting going with preparation of the welcome to more than 3000 participants, prior to the spring’s great youth event starting up on Saturday.

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Festive day for football players

The end of the series was marked by a match day at the Stokke pitches for all the football players in the Oslofjord League, combined with a tremendous football banquet in the evening.

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BrunstadTV course at BCC Easter Camp

Almost 100 youth from the entire world have participated in BrunstadTV’s course during BCC’s Easter Camp at Brunstad in Stokke.

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