The Translators in the Amazon

While many thousands are gathered at Brunstad in Norway to the Summer Conference, there are even more around the world, sitting and following along via BrunstadTV. The message is translated to 17 languages, and in the Amazon in Brazil, a zealous translation team is sitting and translating the transmissions to Portuguese.

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On the Air with Brunstad Bible School

There is a buzz of voices at Brunstad Bible School’s teaching facility, while over 200 young people stream in through the doors. For the first time, teaching will be broadcast via streaming, so it’s not good form to come late.

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Brunstad Bible School for youth

Over the course of many years, young people who have participated in BCC’s youth program, YEP, have been given the option of attending courses in languages, culture and Bible knowledge. To fortify these options BCC has created a Bible college with a comprehensive syllabus and set weekly curriculum.

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