Brunstad Bible School

Brunstad Bible School is a facility provided by BCC for its members, primarily youth who want to learn more about the history of the Bible and about the Church’s faith and doctrine.

The bible school has class rooms, a library and study rooms at Oslofjord Convention Center. Every year the school has an intake of 200-300 students from all over the world. There is a set curriculum each week, with over 20 hours of teaching about Bible history, the Church’s faith and doctrine, edification in faith and prayer times. In addition, there is instruction in Norwegian and other languages, a comprehensive cultural exchange and various different subjects within media, sport, children and youth work etc.

The school has a few employed teachers as well as several others who contribute on a voluntary basis to assist the running of the school.

The students are boarders, and receive free board and lodging, in addition to a student stipend each month.

In their free time the students often contribute towards various projects for BCC and cooperative organizations.

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