Youth Exchange in Snowy Norway


In the beginning of March BrunstadTV traveled to its yearly winter workshop. Along in the cars that weaved their way up the twisty roads toward the mountain lodge on Liatoppen, were young people of eight different nationalities, that are taking part in BCC’s international Youth Exchange Program.

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Ten years of women’s conferences


For a church that at times has had a somewhat old-fashioned view of women, it is a pleasure to celebrate the fact that BCC will be organizing the twelfth women’s conference in March 2017.

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Did you say Smith’s Friends?


A pet child has many names, they say. If that’s the case for BCC is questionable. But where does the nickname “Smith’s Friends” really come from?

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Brunstad Bible College for youth


Over the course of many years, young people who have participated in BCC’s youth program, YEP, have been given the option of attending courses in languages, culture and Bible knowledge. To fortify these options BCC has created a Bible college with a comprehensive syllabus and set weekly curriculum.

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Summer Conference in South Africa

Sommerkonferanse i Sør-Afrika

This years annual Summer conference held at Stephanopark in South Africa, was the most well-attended on record.

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A Vision for the Future


Late summer 2016 BCC’s local church in Eiker launched quite a special contest. They challenged every local church throughout the world to achieve 50% of its total donation goal by July 2017. For those who achieve this goal there will be arranged a massive feast during BCC’s summer conference.

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Compliance and service in BCC


In the 2017 budget, BCC has allocated considerable sums to check and ensure that the association is working in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

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Christmas feast with musical climax

December is the time of good traditions and celebrations of the great Christmas festival. Last weekend everything was made ready for the Christmas feast, where all those BCC members who wanted a dose of Christmas spirit, were invited to a night out with banquet and concert.

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A sporty evening

Volleyball og mentorsamling

The two enthusiasts Alicia Skutle and Benedikte Reiersrud are standing in front of an enthusiastic crowd of around 170 young people. The program for the evening is hectic and participation is intense.

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Children – a blessing

Barnevelsignelse Sandefjord

“O little one, be welcome here!” The atmosphere in the hall is solemn as this year’s newcomers are brought up in front of the church by their proud parents.

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